Louisville Gameday - Week 1

Louisville Gameday - Week 1

Dan E. Dangerously
Dan E. Dangerously
Louisville, Kentucky is a dying *****. After what felt like the longest offseason ever, it's time for Canes football again. Get Hyped.


Louisville, a town so awful people contemplated having a Purge. Everyone that lives there is so embarrassed to be seen in public that they are having a blackout for the game. As Dwinstitles already pointed out, Louisville is beat as **** and nobody wants to go over there. Nonetheless, they opened as 2.5 favorites over UM and that line has since moved to 3.5. That extra point in the spread came after Brad Kaaya was named the starter. It was also after news broke of DeVante Parker breaking a bone in his foot. Some guy said that with Parker out, it will take a village to replace his production.


Cry me a river. Louisville didn't offer to cancel the bowl game with Duke out last year. Lets see how this game goes now that the shoe is on the other foot. That's not all Petrino has to deal with. Apparently he and his new DC Todd Grantham hate each other. When that news came to light, Petrino called a meeting with his coaches that went like this:


Guess that didn't work. This doesn't mean a whole lot in the grand scheme of things. After all, Mike Ditka and Buddy Ryan hated each other's guts and they still won. Also, Golden and D'Onofrio are BFF's and...well...yea. It's just funny to observe from afar is all.


Where: Papa John's Cardinal Stadium

Who: Miami Hurricanes (0-0) vs. Louisville Cardinals (0-0)

When: September 1, 2014


Official message for this game: Show me, don't tell me.​

When asked if he remembers last year's game, Corn Elder said he remembered Louisville disrespecting them. He referenced them leaving Bridgewater in late to run up the score and set personal records. OK, but what are you going to do about it? That's a rhetorical question by the way, because I've heard enough talk coming from the Hecht Center over the past decade with little action to back it up. It's BEEN time to change that, so do something about it if it bothered you so much. Former players are starting to make their opinions known as well. Those opinions are all the same thing, that the time to win is now. So lets have less hourly updates on jersey combinations and more W's.

Last time they met: December 28, 2013


What people were saying during the subsequent meltdown:

UM vs. UL: Russell Athletic Bowl

LexCane55 said:
Lol are we really crying about someone trying ro run up the score
We are the University of Miami. If we dont like it stop it or shut up

I just re-read that whole thread. I don't recommend you do it unless you are a cutter, and don't have any sharp objects around.

Know your enemy: Card Chronicle

What they're saying:

some ******* said:
...Kaaya may change his mind about the salutation once he is Deebo’d by Lorenzo Mauldin a few times. Things may not work out for Kaaya on Monday, and he may have to go live with his uncle to lay low for a little while. I hope Kaaya writes it down and takes a picture, and I would kill for an appearance from Money Mike...

Herp, "How come everytime I'm in the kitched, Kaaya's in the kitchen?", derp. What a choad. Please beat these ****-sticks.

Miami Notes

1. Anthony Chickillo reflects on his time at UM entering his Senior year.
2. UM's offensive line seems ready to go, with right tackle still being a battle.
3. Golden's decision to go with Kaaya is kind of a big deal.


Yea, I'll be posting this all year so long as he remains the starter.

Louisville Notes

1. Stopping Duke is Louisville's #1 priority.
2. Will Gardner will be making his first collegiate start as well.
3. Petrino explains recruiting in the aftermath of his motorcycle accident.


Favorite Louisville related Image, Photoshop, Video or Gif:


^ That happened 10 years ago.

Miami Roster Stuff

Two-deep depth chart (never released one)

Miami Injuries
WRRashawn ScottShoulderOut Indefinitely
QBRyan WilliamsACLOut Indefinitely
QBKevin OlsenSuspensionOut
08/14/14DBRayshawn JenkinsBackOut For Season

UM waited until Saturday to officially announce that Kevin Olsen was suspended. It's not like it was a secret, but still, no clue why there was a delay in that. He'll be staying home this weekend. Meanwhile every other scholarship QB is traveling to the Louisville game, even Williams and Rosier.

Louisville Roster Stuff

Two-deep depth chart

Louisville Injuries
08/25/14WRDeVante ParkerFootOut Indefinitely
08/23/14RBMichael DyerQuadQuestionable
08/04/14DBJermaine ReveKneeOut Indefinitely

Zero sympathy about Parker being out. None. I don't remember Louisville easing up on us with Duke out. Injuries are a part of the game. You either deal with them or you don't. Dyer is still questionable with an injured quad. Whatever.

Game Day Character:

Louisville is doing a blackout for the game. Whatever.




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Dan goin harder than a ****.

I hope the Canes bring it too.

Excellent write up as always, Dan
**** these birds, we rolling tonight
Hype train is at an all time high!!! I'm so pumped no sleep tonight
I just stopped in my local Papa Johns to see if they're feeling strong. They're not. We back.

it is proving difficult to go to sleep, too **** excited
it is proving difficult to go to sleep, too **** excited

I'm right there with you my Hurricane brother!!! Seriously I haven't been so excited about a game in a decade at least. Make no mistake. This game is absolutely huge for this program. I don't care what anyone says. This game is going to tell us a lot about where we are and where we are going. I expect our guys to come out breathing fire! It's about **** time we get our pride back. We have the opportunity to do it against the team that stripped us of our manhood last year.

These kids wanted to be Canes. Golden and staff wanted to coach here. Well, this is the reason they came here. Games like this have defined our program in the past. The time is now. Let's see what we've got. Let's see what kind of team this is. I cannot wait.