Live: Blake James Press Conference (UPDATED w/video)

Live: Blake James Press Conference (UPDATED w/video)

Stefan Adams
Live from the James press conference, here were some notes on his comments.

**Was surprised at Richt’s decision to retire, no push to remove Richt.

**Said it was no secret that offense had struggled and they agreed changes to that side of the ball needed to be made.

**Declined to comment on specific candidates. Hasn’t decided if there will be a search firm involved as of yet.

**New coach will have full reign of staff, but will be reminded about success of defense in place here. James believes UM had the best defense in the country last year.

**Search won’t focus on Miami ties, it will be about the best fit and best coach possible.

**James didn’t realize Travis Homer declared for the NFL due to hectic day. James feels he was an outstanding representative of the university and will have success.

**Feels like the bottom hasn’t fallen out after 10-0 and No. 2 ranking in 2017. Feels the talent is in place to make a run at the ACC Championship and National Title right now.

**Former players always have input. Everyone has different opinions on who to hire but it will be his decision to bring in who he feels is the best guy possible to lead the team.


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Rex Ryan. Talk about starting this search off on the wrong...foot.

I’ll see myself out.