Link City - And I didn't even have to use my AK...

Link City - And I didn't even have to use my AK...

Dan E. Dangerously
Dan E. Dangerously

-Al Golden had a good day today in recruiting. While that alone shouldn't be too shocking, it is shocking that it occurred at the Army all-star game. The Army game has long been the bane of many Cane recruitnik's existence, so when we heard that Deon Bush, Keith Brown, and Tyriq McCord were set to announce their decisions today Cane fans had their butt-cheeks just a tad clenched.

We jumped right into the fire early as we heard Deon Bush would be announcing prior to kickoff. There were 2 other hats on the table; Bama and Auburn. Since Bama pulled Landon Collins recently, that basically left it to a showdown between the Canes and Auburn. Finally the joke of a reporter asked Deon where he was headed and he didn't disappoint. After thanking all the schools and coaches for recruiting him, he grabbed his sac and said, "I gotta put my city back on the map".

I didn't notice him much throughout the game, but we don't know for sure if he's playing safety or corner here so I wasn't going to take much from him on his performance today. This was such a huge win for Golden not just for getting a player at a position of need, but for the morale of the fan base as well. Pic/Gif/Video that summed this moment up:

Yo Trooper Taylor, Put...that coffee...DOWN!

-Next up was Keith Brown, and as speculated, his brother Lamar Atkins was offered a scholarship by Louisville and so his dumbass is going to Louisville. It's Whatev. The only time I noticed him was when he laid out the West team's punter like a moron. Pic/Gif/Video that summed this moment up:

-The last guy considering Miami would be McCord and his decision was coming during halftime. After getting Bush to commit, I resigned myself to the notion that we got ours already and should just be thankful we got him and not stress losing out on McCord. Miami came into the picture late with a good visit and we were facing stiff competition from South Carolina. But in the end, McCord decided to stay home. [video=youtube;Th0s7rx3PCw][/video]

Pic/Gif/Video that summed this up:

He still has a visit scheduled, so this wont be over until signing day. But I don't even care, this **** is awesome.

-After being blessed with such good fortune on a day that has historically been disappointing for fans of the U, what would one think if we also flipped a recruit from another school?

That's when we heard that VT commit Robert Lockhart switched to the canes. He announced it via twitter saying:
@rob_LOCKHART robert lockhart

Might lose some followers but, Just made it official and committed to the university of miami.

Gif/Pic/Video that sums this up:

-This is when recruiting coordinator Brennan Carroll started puffing his chest out on twitter. And good for him, with all the Shapiro nonsense, his job is that much harder:

brennanpcarroll Brennan Carroll

@TrendsMiami: #welcometotheu is now trending in #Miami” also your fault #CaneNation...Lotta work left to do Go Canes

3 hours ago Favorite Retweet Reply

brennanpcarroll Brennan Carroll

@TrendsMiami: Brennan Carroll, @brennanpcarroll is now trending in #Miami” Your Fault #CaneNation ... Congrats!!

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brennanpcarroll Brennan Carroll
#WelcometotheU This is not a repeat... Three-peat

-So with all that occurred today, what was Coach Golden doing you ask? Oh nothing, just grinding with Jed Fisch by going to lunch with QB commit Preston Dewey and his coach Ty Detmer.

Like a boss. We still have a few spots to fill in this class depending on how many early enrollees we have and like I said, we wont know for sure about McCord until signing day probably. Regardless of that, props to Al Golden and his staff, they fooled around and got a triple-double.


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*McCord tripping to USC west, already been to USCe
listened to Ice Cube, today was a good day, on my way home today.
Best day in a while for me...the in-laws left my house (FINALLY) and went back to their hole, and we land Lockhart (prob my fav commit other than Duke), Deon Bush, and McCord all in the same day.

I have to say it was a good day.

Thanks for posting.
I like that both these kids didn't pull the pick up one cap, then another, then throw them in the floor, then use some other random prop/live animal/other bull****, then put on the UM cap.
haha alright. That's what was so weird. That **** is a year old and I only posted it on AATU. Kind of weird seeing it again after all this time.