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June 23rd Al Golden Camp Observations

June 23rd Al Golden Camp Observations

Peter Ariz
-TE Travis Johnson from Tampa was an impressive pass-catcher today. There were some, including myself, who had suggested he could play WR, but there is no way that he can play that position at the next level. He is closer to 6’2-6’3 and has a strong lower body that can develop nicely. He was a smooth route runner and the thing that was most impressive was his hands. He caught everything away from his body and would go up and get the ball. He seems like a kid that can be a versatile threat in the Aaron Hernandez mold. A tight end class with Johnson, Dobard, and Kerr would be very balanced and their styles would compliment each other nicely.

-2014 OL Trevor Darling from Central was the most physically gifted player at camp just from the looks of it. With still two years of high school left, he stands about 6’5 320 and carries the weight well. There isn’t much bad weight on him if any at all. He was dominant in one-on-ones and seemed to be extremely coachable. He is a 5-star kid in my mind.

-DL Austin Roberts from Northside high school in Georgia was a good-looking prospect that dominated one-on-ones. He was about 6’5 270 and loves the Canes. He made the 12-hour drive down to Coral Gables, which shows that he odes have serious interest. Roberts isn’t a highly-touted kid and his only offer right now is from Mississippi State, but I will be interested to see if the staff keeps in touch with him after his performance on Saturday.

-2014 WR Tyre Brady from South Dade high school was probably the best receiver out there today. At a legitimate 6’1, Brady glides and is extremely explosive. I am really high on his game from a playmaking standpoint. He is one to keep an eye on over the next year, because he should blow up this season.

-DB Rashard Robinson from Ely passed the eyeball test physically. No catches were made against him in one-on-ones as well. He was a big kid, about 6’1 and it’s easy to see why he has offers from top schools like LSU and Oklahoma. He can play corner or safety.

-Miami Northwestern DB Artie Burns was at the camp, but not participating. While it’s disappointing that he didn’t compete, it was a good chance for him to bond with the coaches and see his way around campus. Deon Bush showed him around the dorms and Hurlie Brown was seen with him a lot during the day. The Canes feel great about their chances right now.

-WR Brisly Estime from Atlantic Delray was participating at camp trying to earn an offer. Estime is about 5'7, but very quick and strong. I would be very surprised if Miami offered him, though, quite frankly. I just don't see him as Miami material, but he will play somewhere and do well.

-2014 DL Anthony Moten (recently offered) was there participating and his family was also in attendance. He looked physically raw in one-on-ones, but has a body that will develop. He has been listed as a DT, but looked more like a DE to me. It will be interesting to see how he develops over the next two years, because the Canes are out in front right now.

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Are you SaveUMFootball on Twitter? If not, dude is just sniping your good info.

Thanks for the information.
Are you SaveUMFootball on Twitter? If not, dude is just sniping your good info.

Thanks for the information.

lol he is DEFINITELY not SaveUMFootball. that dude does nothing but regurgitate info, like when the experts said no chance on Howard, he quickly posted no chance on Howard.
Who's the FSU commit that supposedly dominated the DB action and won the MVP for DB's?
Rashard Robinson seems to be flying a bit under the radar....maybe perhaps due to backlash from letdowns of former post Patrick Johnson Ely CB prospects (*cough* Michael Carter *cough*).
How would you say Johnson compares to another Tampa kid who went to Plant, Orson Charles who was about the same size?
wushah said:
How would you say Johnson compares to another Tampa kid who went to Plant, Orson Charles who was about the same size?

Charles had better speed and was more chiseled physically at this point of his career. something I didn't mention in the original post is that Johnson looked tired/drained almost the entire time. It was hot as hell out there, but that is something that he's gonna have to work on
did anyone see how quincy wilson did??? i saw his twitter and he seemed pissed that miami didnt offer him (im assuming).. whats the deal with our staff and him?
Peter I assume you are running the twitter now and saw the mention on Wendell Dunn.... do you have anything else other than the mention on him from 2day?

/and thnxs for the constant updates

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