JUCO DL Pelon Breaks it Down

JUCO DL Pelon Breaks it Down

Tito Benach
2014 JUCO DL Claudeson Pelon was originally planning on being a Seminole coming out of high school, but his path got altered into a different direction on signing day.

“Coming out of high school I was verbally committed to Florida State and then I found out my GPA didn’t match my SAT scores. I ended up taking the JUCO route.”

While it may have been disappointing for Pelon to not be able to play college football right away, he does admit there are some advantages when players go to a Junior College prior to entering college football.

“It has it’s advantages like anything else, it gives you time to mature and become a man and get in the game more.”

Pelon is no stranger to the recruiting process and is being tracked from schools such as Washington, USC, Nebraska, Miami and Oregon State.

“The recruiting process is crazy man; coming out of high school it was almost the same. Now it’s just crazy, but I like the recruiting process and it’s fun.”

The Huskies are a school that have long been considered the favorite for the highly ranked defensive linemen and he talked about what he likes about them.

“They have a great coaching staff, the atmosphere there is crazy. It’s a football town they love it and it’s a place where I can go an strive and do good things.”

Another program in contention for the 6’4 275 pound rush end is the USC Trojans who are playing what many consider their best football under Interim head coach Ed Orgeron.

“The atmosphere there is crazy, the defensive linemen there are cool. I was there watching how the defensive linemen roll and how they get ready and on gameday. It’s amazing with the things they had going on that they bought into the program. It’s amazing to see them make a big change in a few day for the better of the program.”

While Pelon has visited both Washington and USC already, his next scheduled visit is a place he’s very familiar with: Miami.

“Miami was a team I grew up watching. They’ve always been a dream school of mine, playing in front of major fans and my family most of all and playing in Miami, it’s home and just going there and just doing what you do best.”

Pelon is originally from Homestead, so the Hurricanes are no stranger to him or his family. When asked if family will play a big factor in his decision, he clarified where he stands on that.

“It’s going to play a big factor and my mom she’s kinda been talking to me lately about the schools and making the right choice for myself, but she’s letting me make my own choice.”

Pelon has been able to catch a couple Hurricane games on TV and has noticed like many other Miami fans that the need for defensive lineman is very evident. While most would think with the defenses’ last three performances would hurt their chances, it’s quite the opposite.

“Playing time is playing a big part in it. I got to watch their game against Duke and I can tell they’re in need of some bigger linemen. It’s just something I’ve been watching and I’ll definitely take that trip out there.”

When asked what will play a key role in his decision, Pelon laid it all out.

“I’m looking at the depth chart, the way players act with coaches, a place where I can go in and graduate. I know Miami the graduate rate is pretty high. I’m also looking for a place where I can just go in and be that guy and turn up and just get it.”

A final decision date hasn’t been set yet by the South Florida product because he wants to make sure his academics are in order.

“I honestly don’t know, I’m just trying to focus on getting my class work done. If I can’t get that done first, I won’t be anywhere. I’m just trying to get my classwork done first so I can take care of football and than I’ll sit down with my mom and evaluate it out.”

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I want to say this: I originally had doubts about Miami's chances with Pelon, but after listening to him speak about Miami, they are definitely 100% in the mix.
If he commits, tell him I look forward to seeing him start at DE against FAMU next year, because I imagine he'd have as good a chance as any.
Sounds good to me, with UM having a good shot at Pelon.

Go Canes
I want to say this: I originally had doubts about Miami's chances with Pelon, but after listening to him speak about Miami, they are definitely 100% in the mix.

Any word on Valentine Tito ??? I need that interview!
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UCF in mix simply because of grades, location & peeps....
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Sounds like his visit to UM in December will tell everything, hopefully he is impressed and understands how much we need him. Starter from day one imo.
Demetric Warren on 247 changed his prediction for Pelon to Miami
I'm greedy. I want him, Boateng and Johnson.

Give me them all!!!
Hope the academics and what not work out for the young man if he decides to play here.
Bring them in Al. Cot **** this class can be a monster.

I'm excite