Jordan speaks on big season thus far, GT prep

Jordan speaks on big season thus far, GT prep

Stefan Adams
During Miami’s 17-9 win over UVA this weekend, TE Brevin Jordan made a big 35-yard catch in the 4th quarter where he caught a short pass, turned upfield, saw nothing but green grass, and looked destined for a TD. However, Jordan seemed to run out of gas and was run down from behind inside the UVA 10-yard line, and the UM tight end coaches and teammates haven’t let him forget it.

“I was pretty tired, that was the play I got hawked (caught) from the back, and I apologized to the media and everybody that watched that play,” Jordan said. “I’ve heard it every day - heard it from coach (Dan) Enos every day, `Oh, you got caught, looking a little slow,’ stuff like that. I’m like `Man, am I slow?’ That’s not going to happen again. It won’t happen again. You heard it here first, it won’t happen again. I will not get hawked again. I was tired. When he called it I was like `Alright, let’s run it.’”

Despite some light teasing for that play, there hasn’t been much to criticize Jordan for this season: He leads the country in receiving yards among tight ends with 417, while also adding 25 catches and 2 TD’s.

“I don’t look at (the stats), but people Tweet me, tag me on Instagram,” Jordan said. “I see it but I don’t worry about it… Any type of success feels good, but you can’t get complacent.”

The Canes have gone back and forth with their QB’s this season, starting Jarren Williams before a shoulder injury caused UM to turn to N’Kosi Perry last week. Although fans may have a preference between the two, Jordan certainly does not.

“There’s not a difference, they’re both great quarterbacks,” Jordan said. “They both sling the ball. I’m happy to have both of them.”

With UM set to take on 1-5 Georgia Tech, Jordan says the team isn’t overlooking the Yellow Jackets just because of their struggles this year.

“The mindset doesn’t change. It doesn’t matter if we’re playing the Dallas Cowboys or the Denver Broncos, we’re going to prepare the same way we prepare for anybody, practice hard.”

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Next first round pick from the U.

The only thing I can see teams get hung up on is his height
But the dude looks nfl ready now
He looks athletically better than any of our tes since Winslow

I hate to use it but he reminds me of Hernandez in that they both look like running backs playing te and they both about the same height
Told you guys when he got here that he would be the best TE to ever play here, and I stand by that.
He will!
Correct me if I’m wrong wasn’t it a DB who ran him down? I mean he practically housed it (5 yds away?) and he wasn’t able to beeline for the end zone either.

We need to enjoy the next year and a half with him cause he'll be one early declaring player no one will say is making a bad decision.

No kidding. I see him as making a big splash when he gets to the league too. Def a guy you’d get on DraftKings.