Jenkins ready for Miami visit

Jenkins ready for Miami visit

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz
Miami defensive tackle commitment Courtel Jenkins will be escaping the New Jersey cold this weekend and making his official visit to Miami. It will be Jenkins’ second trip to Coral Gables after a camp trip last summer.

“I’m looking forward to seeing the new facility. I seen it under construction, but not the finished product. I want to get to meet some more people from the team too,” said Jenkins.

Jenkins got his in-home visit from Miami coaches earlier this week.

“Coach D’Onofrio and Coach Golden were here on Tuesday. They explained to me that right now I’m not a recruit anymore and they consider me apart of the team so it’s about business. I need to get into training more and be ready to play and possibly start.”

The 300-pound lineman flew under the radar for a good part of the recruiting process, but that is not the case any longer. Ohio State recently got in touch with him to gauge his interest.

“Coach Warriner and their defensive line coach both called and asked for me to set up official visits, which I didn’t. They wanted to know if I was still interested in them, but I told them ‘No, I’m a Miami Hurricane’.”

One of Jenkins’ close friends, Kiy Hester, is a top target for Miami right now at the safety position.

“I’m telling him to make the right decision for himself and to look at the schools. Kiy wants to play early so I think it’s a nice chance that he comes to Miami and plays early. He doesn’t want to be too far from home, but I know that Miami is just the right amount of distance from home for him. I know he’s a great player and would be a good fit for the Miami program. I told him the two big coaches are from New Jersey and will make sure he’s comfortable and everything is right for him.”

The chance for early playing time is added motivation for Jenkins.

“I see an opportunity to make an impact and that’s one of the reasons I chose Miami. I want the challenge of facing an opportunity to fight for playing time. I need to take advantage of it. The school is not only great academically, but there is a great history.”

**Miami told Jenkins they would like for him to arrive at Miami at 305-310 pounds.

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This class is special. Quite a few commits here who I can't wait for them to suit up.
Quite telling when golden and Dorito are telling an incoming true frosh he'll Prbly be starting from the jump
Kid has been as solid as Darling and I love it.
Come on down big fella, you are what we have been missing. Good work Pete. Love ervyone who tell OSU and Urban to stick it. Him and KC should get along well. If staff keeps LSU brinks truck away from Valentine, the two of them plus Moten should give us the middle we have been so lacking. They are far and away the most important recruits of this class.
One thing can be said for this staff for sure, they pound the pavement and find prospects seemingly faster than anyone in the country. Pretty impressive track record so far.
The "neg crew" clowned me but I stand by my statement that Al is a top 5 recruiter in the country. Very few do it better. Now whether he can develop them or not is another story. But he **** sure pounds that pavement finding recruits WAY before anyone else does. (Alex Collins will always be the "blueprint" example. Nobody knew who the F this kid was when he committed. By the time the dust settled he was a 5 star prospect and everybody wanted a piece of him. Smh.)