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Al golden and donna shalallalaa shud be paying for this **** fkin thieves.
Where can I send the Cookie Cake as a thanks!?

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Joffrey da gawwwwwwwwwwwww

that shall be his name from now on. dude married dime piece Elle McPherson. This is the billionaire playboy our canes desperately needed.
Stayed at the Turnberry Hotel last year when I came for the Clemson game. Yes, THAT game..

Absolutely loved the hotel!!! .

It was the best thing about that weekend stay....until Pete tweeted that Golden was relieved of his duties
Owns the best club in the world too. Bossy.
Don't think I saw it mentioned in the article, but he's already donated $25M here before for Stem Cell research in the Momentum2 Campaign
Interdisciplinary Stem Cell Institute at the University of Miami Receives $25 Million Donation | Miller School of Medicine | University of Miami

That was Don Soffer, his father.

Same ****, it's his family's foundation.

dont think this gift involves the family foundation, think it's Jeffrey Soffer directly and that'll be more clear on Friday when they reveal the naming.