Florida Game Day (Eve) - Week 2

Florida Game Day (Eve) - Week 2

Dan E. Dangerously
Dan E. Dangerously
I couldn't wait to post this so it's coming a day early. Gators suck, have sucked, and will continue sucking in the future until the end of time. Get hyped. We agree with the guys at Sebastian's Pub, there's just no way in **** we're gonna put their logo on our site without defacing it first.


The Doctor said:
Time isn't a straight line. It's all...bumpy-wumpy. There's loads of boring stuff. Like Sundays and Tuesdays and Thursday afternoons. But now and then there are Saturdays. Big temporal tipping points when anything's possible.

Pretty sure he had college football in mind when he said that. If not then he should have. It's rivalry games like UF/UM that make Saturdays so special. The NFL is pretty excited about this game too. According to UM's Chris Yandle, 12 NFL teams have sent scouts to attend the game (14 scouts total were credentialed).

It's complete bull**** that this will be the last meeting in the foreseeable future, but it's whatever. Gators gonna Gate I suppose. Check out what Mark Long, who is a Gator beat writer for the AP, had to say about it. According to this guy, UM should be be thankful we're getting this game at all:

Mark Long @APMarkLong

More info on Florida-Miamj tickets: Gators got 7% of allotment in lower bowl. Canes got about 30% down low in Swamp in '08

I pointed out to him the points made in this thread. Like that Alabama does the same thing, and Jeremy Foley has never written letters of apology regarding seats for games in Tuscaloosa. His response was:

Mark Long @APMarkLong

@DanEDangerously reality is UM should be kissing UF's butt to play this series. it guarantees UM a sellout every so often


Folks, that guy works for the Associated Press. Unreal. And just for future reference, when people on this message board and others, rip our beat writers for asking ****-hole questions, taking cheap shots at the program, and writing stories that put UM in a bad light...this is how beat writers of other teams operate. You'll never see **** like this being printed in the Gainesville Sister-****** Intelligencer.

We have to win this game. Ignore anyone that says otherwise.


Where: Joe Robbie/Pro Player/Dolphins/Dolphin/LandShark/Sun Life Stadium

Who: #9 Florida Gators (1-0) v. #24 Miami Hurricanes (1-0)

When: 12:00 pm/et


4 storylines for UM in this game:

1. Can Miami's offense produce against a legit defense?
2. Can Duke be Duke again?
3. Will Miami's OL protect Morris from UF's pass rush?
4. Is Miami's defense really better than last year?

For all the success the offense had last season, they couldn't do a **** thing against good defenses. Florida St. was able contain us and pulled away in the second half, while Kansas St. and Notre Dame ended up being blowouts. Duke's had his troubles against top defenses as well, so we'll need the nation's leading rusher to keep producing.

Want an interesting stat about Stephen Morris and sacks that Tim Reynolds found? In 4 career games against ranked teams, he's been sacked 11 times. He's been sacked 12 times in 20 games against unranked teams. It reinforces the importance of keeping his jersey clean against the likes of Powell, Bullard, Easley, and Fowler. Finally, Florida might not have the most potent offense in their conference, but we won't be holding them below 300 yards of offense like we did FAU, so we'll need to see if the defense really is better than last year.

Last time they met:


Two things about that game. First, Matt Bosher 4-Life. His two Tazplexes of Brandon James cemented his status as a cult favorite for Cane fans. Secondly, that still wasn't a catch. That pathetic wideout never held on to the ball. Whatever.

What people were saying during the subsequent meltdown:

We weren't around for this game in 2008, so I once again turned to CanesOverHere for reference.
This comes from a thread titled: Fire Pat Nix at halftime

DCF in LA said:
Seven or eight runs from the shotgun. At least half a dozen middle screens. This is an abortion and he is blatantly sabotaging our chance to win. I'm done with him...

...Upon further review, Nix should still be fired. He is an absolute abortion and I blame him (and Shannon) for this cowardly playcalling. It's almost the exact same script we used against Oklahoma. Lots of shotgun draws, lots of garbage screens, and a whole lot of nothing. I am so god**** fargin' sick of this offense. He's absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt, not the man to be calling our plays nor teaching our QBs...

Jesus, was Pat Nix ever awful or what?

Know your enemy: Alligator Army

What they're saying:

Some ******* said:
Blah-Blah Nevin Shapiro Blah-Blah-Blah NCAA Blah-Blah-Blah sanctions Blah-Blah-Blah poor attendance Blah-Blah SEC iz teh best Blah-Blah-Blah we want a more national schedule Blah-Blah-Blah we need 7...no wait...8 home games per year to stay profitable Blah-Blah-Blah we're totally not scared to play you guys every year Blah-Blah-Blah we'll play you at a neutral site like Orlando Blah-Blah-Blah Go Gatuh!!!


Miami Notes

1. It's all about the Duke.
2. Golden says players can't freelance against Florida.
3. Brock Berlin will be the honorary captain at the game today.


Florida Notes

1. Jeff Driskell says their offense has big play potential.
2. Florida's defense thrives on 3rd down.
3. AD Jeremy Foley says UF/UM series can only continue as a neutral site game.


Favorite Florida related Image, Photoshop, Video or Gif:

We have a 3 way tie between this:


^Where's your God now?




and this:



Sebastion >>>>>>>>> your favorite team's mascot.

Miami Roster Stuff

2 Deep Depth Chart

Miami Injuries/Suspensions
09/01/13DBDeon BushHerniaprobable vs. Florida
09/02/13RBDuke JohnsonHeadprobable vs. Florida
08/30/13WRRashawn ScottShoulderout indefinitely
08/28/13OLHunter WellsUndisclosedout for season
08/15/13OLDanny IsidoraFootout indefinitely
08/15/13OLHunter KnightonShoulderout for season

Florida Roster Stuff

2 Deep Depth Chart (PDF)

Florida Injuries/Suspensions
09/01/13OLJon HalapioPectoralQuestionable vs. Miami
09/01/13DLJordan SherittKneeQuestionable vs. Miami
09/02/13LBDarrin KitchensMuscle PullProbable vs. Miami
09/02/13DLDominique EasleyFluProbable vs. Miami
09/02/13WRLatroy PittmanSuspensionExpected to miss next 2 games
08/26/13OLChaz GreenShoulderout for season
08/13/13WRAndre DeboseKneeout for season

Gameday Character:




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All []_[] need to know...

1) Joaquin Gonzalez ‏@Joaquin_UMOL73

Can't wait for this game!!! I'm ready to knock a mother fuc$&r out. Haven't been this hype in a while....I love this s***!!!GO CANES!!!!
All []_[] need to know...

1) Joaquin Gonzalez ‏@Joaquin_UMOL73

Can't wait for this game!!! I'm ready to knock a mother fuc$&r out. Haven't been this hype in a while....I love this s***!!!GO CANES!!!!
One of the worst reviews I've ever seen.
The ruling on the field was incomplete (which of course was correct).
And they had to go to the booth to overturn that and call it a catch LMFAO

One of the biggest ***** jobs I've ever seen.
One of the worst reviews I've ever seen.
The ruling on the field was incomplete (which of course was correct).
And they had to go to the booth to overturn that and call it a catch LMFAO

One of the biggest ***** jobs I've ever seen.

Thing is...you're not even being dramatic. That is THE WORST call I've ever seen reversed on a football field.
BTW, I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure that the Gainesville Sister-****** Intelligencer is the paper of record in that awful place.
CanesAreAble :fistbump:

lmao at dan finding a dcf rant from 2008

My ******, Pat Nix is still on the side of a milkbox to this day. Honest to god, I could call a better game than him with a Madden playbook.