DT Holley blown away by Miami visit

DT Holley blown away by Miami visit

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz
Lincoln High School (NY) DT Thomas Holley has had an extremely busy summer, as he has visited five schools already.

“I’ve been to Florida, Florida State, Miami, Notre Dame, and Ohio State. Each trip was great and different and I had an opportunity to learn a lot about each of them,” said Holley.

What stood out about each of his visits?

“There was a couple things like Florida has the facilities, Florida State has the coaching staff, Miami has the great environment and the facilities that you ask for. Notre Dame has a great campus and same thing with Ohio State and the kind of people they have there.”

With offers from nearly every top program in the country, these visits have helped Holley begin to think about cutting his list.
“It’s definitely starting to help that process. Once I finish my visits, I’ll have a better idea of where I wanna go and what I like about each school. I’m probably going to Syracuse, Alabama, and Tennessee too.”

One of the schools that have been on Holley for a long time is Miami and the athletic lineman really enjoyed his trip.

“I did a lot of nice stuff and had an opportunity to see the whole campus and meet some of the players and see their dorms. It was just an opportunity to see Miami since it was my first time going there. It’s a wonderful place with a beautiful environment and atmosphere. Some of the stuff they were telling me as far as the school was really nice.”

Something that Holley has noted in the past about Miami was that it would be an easy adjustment for him coming from a big city, but the visit exceeded his expectations.

“It was actually a little bit better because there was a lot more there than I thought there would be so it made me feel a lot more comfortable.”

Holley’s uncle has accompanied him on all of his vists.

“He just tells me that everybody is going to try to sell their program so you have to really look at the fine print and ask questions about graduation rate and stuff like that.”

The standout DT has a timetable for cutting his list and making a decision.

“I’m trying to narrow it down by the end of summer to at least like a top 3 and before the season starts try to have my decision by then so I can focus on football and school.”

What are the chances Miami makes his list?

“It’s a very high chance, definitely.”

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His Uncle and Uncle Jethro need to get together and seal the deal.
No South Florida Express

We got this one. He will be this years AQM
This is a northeast kid, a big city kid, and I think
Miami stands as good a chance as any at this stage.
Florida state has the coaching staff???? They're lucky to even have a staff after half of them left!
I always like when kids have a high opinion of us before they ever visit. Usually a visit to Miami will blow guys away, especially if they are from up north.

Good news, just have to hope distance truly wont play a huge factor.
If I was pressed to name one more kid that I want in this class I'd have a really hard time choosing between Holley & Cook.
If I was pressed to name one more kid that I want in this class I'd have a really hard time choosing between Holley & Cook.

Holly, linemen win NC's!