Cook Leads Central to State Title

Cook Leads Central to State Title

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz
The Central Rockets are 6A state champions, but they wouldn’t have done it without the contributions of 2014 RB Dalvin Cook, who had one of the best seasons in Dade County history.

“It feels great after all the hard work each and every day. We had a lot of young players so big-time players had to step up and make big-time plays.”

Cook’s role really increased this season after fellow junior Joseph Yearby held most of the spotlight last year.

“Yeah, it was something I expected. I had to answer for our team in tough situations this year.”

The junior running back has been committed to Clemson since the summer. While he says the commitment is solid, that hasn’t stopped other schools from pursuing him.

“It’s solid right now. Florida State, Florida, USC, LSU, and Miami are coming after me.”

Cook expanded on his thoughts about the hometown Miami Hurricanes.

“They’ve been coming after me hard. Coach Michael Barrow has been coming to the school a lot and I’ve been communicating with them a lot. Barrow is a great person. He talks about things other than football and recruiting.”

Cook’s brother, DeAndre Burnett, is signed to Miami’s 2013 basketball class. Burnett is somebody who Cook is very close to.

“My brother talks to me a lot about going to the U. We have a great bond because we grew up together. I ask him questions when I need to know something because he’s more experienced than me. I look up to him and he’s a great role model for me.”

Another person that has been in his ear about Miami is his teammate Trevor Darling, who is an offensive line commitment for the 2014 class.
“Trevor Darling is in my class so he talks to me everyday about it and tells me things like why wouldn’t I want to play at home so my family could see me play.”

‘Canes fans have been drooling over the thought of Cook playing with freshman sensation Duke Johnson. The Central star admits that it is something that has crossed his mind as well.

“Me and Duke Johnson in the same backfield would be a great experience. It would be a blessing to the Miami program and I’ve thought about it a few times.”

Cook finished the season with 127 carries, 1452 yards, and 21 rushing touchdowns, averaging 11.4 yards per carry. He also added 9 receptions for 272 yards and two touchdowns, averaging 30.2 yards per reception.

He says that he plans on visiting Clemson, Miami, Georgia, and "other SEC schools" in the offseason.

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Can't lose this dude to facking Dabo

No way mane
If we stumble in RB's in the 2013 class we cannot miss in 2014
I just cant comprehend how Clemson will be able to walk into the heart of Dade County and steal our best player. I wont even begin to process this as a possibility until its done in Feb 2014 because it doesnt seem possible.

Kid is the BEAST...
Saw him live against Northwestern.........wouldn't have even known who Yearby was because Cook was that elite. Can't let him go anywhere. I think the situation with Burnett and Darling will really help.

"It would be a blessing to the Miami program"

Have to love the confidence he has in himself.
Agreed. Too much peer and family pressure to stay home. Getting Collins this year and Sony/Cook next year would be nasty! Could be the second coming of Edge/Portis/Gore/McGahee.
To many reasons for Cook not to end up wearing Orange & Green......

Cook will be the least of my worries come the next recruiting cycle........
“Me Sony, Collins and Duke Johnson in the same backfield would be a great experience. It would be some serious four horsemen of the apocalypse **** and I’ve thought about it a few times.”

Yes, yes it would.



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cause mine isnt very good, but please credit me in your sig if/when my work becomes your new avatar, thanks.
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We have the potential to have a 2000-2001 like stable of backs if we keep brining these kids in.
LOL at FSU thinking they stole Joseph Yearby