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Chad Thomas on FSU game: "We coming"

Chad Thomas on FSU game: "We coming"

Peter Ariz
Booker T. Washington is the top high school football team in the country, but their play over the past couple of weeks has not been indicative of that. The team has won two close games over Miami Northwestern and Bishop Gorman of Las Vegas.

“Teams are really giving us a run because we aren’t playing as a team right now. We are focusing on it in practice going hard every day and going hard as a family, not just individuals. We’re gonna get back to it,” said Thomas.

Something that Thomas has been dealing with this season is defenses keying in on him.

“I know the past two games I haven’t taken the right look on it and I haven’t played as a team player. Some teams double-team me and some play dirty so I was trying to focus on it, but I need to keep my cool and not worry about it. I just have to play big like a 300-pound defensive lineman.”

A few weeks ago, Miami-based rapper Rick Ross had the opportunity to speak to the Booker T. Washington squad.

“He treats everything like competition so he told us we need to outwork the competition and not worry about nobody but us and always represent Miami-Dade County. He sees what we’re going through with our football stuff because he came from the same place. He inspired us to do better in school and in everything. He talked to me personally about my football stuff and music stuff and he’s a Miami fan and he knows I’m going to Miami so that got him hyped right when he got there.”

Thomas is an aspiring musician and has recently been focusing on rapping, so naturally Rick Ross was the perfect person for him to connect with.

“We exchanged numbers and got some other stuff. He told me that when he got back down, we would go in the studio. He told me to keep working at it like I work with football and to hustle at everything I do. I told him music was the first thing I loved even before I had football. No matter what I do, I just gotta keep going hard with it.”

Miami is in the midst of an impressive 6-0 start, which earned them the number seven spot in the initial BCS rankings. Thomas pulled the trigger before Miami’s success was evident.

“I was on my ride back from Florida State and ‘Bama when I made my choice and I knew this was gonna happen. I knew Miami would take off and right now they’re holding up with Coach golden leading the team. Everything is going well so they just have to work hard. I want to see an undefeated season.”

His thoughts on the upcoming matchup with the ‘Noles on November 2nd?

“We coming. I’ll tell anybody that I know Miami coming.”

The coaches have discussed with Thomas a similar role as Tyriq McCord has this season.

“It will probably be the same role as him (McCord), but I’m trying to get my body to the point where I can stay on the field.”

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The Tyriq McCord role, I wonder what our pass rushers commits will play.
There would give me no better join than ending FSU's MNC hopes in their own stadium in primetime.
good interview...Rick Ross just still repping Miami ...he loves them CANES!!!
I think he'll grow into a more complete DE than what they have Mccord currently playing. And, quickly.
Kid will be an every down DE. Too big to not be on the field every down.
I think he'll grow into a more complete DE than what they have Mccord currently playing. And, quickly.

This although I am pretty disappointed Mccord isnt playing more Now
“We coming. I’ll tell anybody that I know Miami coming.”
--Chad Thomas, 10/20/2013

Pete, can you confirm that Chad pronounced each with 'ing' and not 'in' ? This boy a true miami kid, I gotta believe he went no 'g'....kid got enough G in him already.