Caziah Holmes Looks to Return to State Title, Talks Recruitment

Caziah Holmes Looks to Return to State Title, Talks Recruitment

Cory Grimes
The first time I saw Cocoa’s Caziah Holmes, he was putting a defender on skates in the cat and mouse drill at last year’s Paradise camp. It only takes one play to recognize his explosiveness. The term around Cocoa high school is “Cocoa Fast”. Guys like Caziah Holmes is the reason why that’s a thing. I caught up with the 4-star athlete before the Under Armour Camp in Orlando. Here’s how it went:

Last time we saw you was in the state title game, it didn’t turn out the way you and your team wanted, but how has that prepared you for this off-season?

“It prepared me a whole lot. We’re about to get after it, get my teammates together, watch a bunch of film. We are going to get a lot of hard work in during the spring and definitely the summer and go back to the state championship and win it this time.”

Willie Gaines and the seniors are gone now, are you ready to be the leader on this team?

“Definitely. I got to take it. This is my team now, and I am going to lead us back to the state championship.”

The recruiting services have you listed as an Athlete, but you play running back for Cocoa. What do you think is the best spot for you at the next level?

“Well I am an athlete, but I prefer running back or slot receiver.”

How important is that to you in the recruiting process? Let’s say one school wants you as a running back and another wants you as a receiver, would that be a determining factor for you?

“I wouldn’t say that. Not really. As long as I am on the offensive side of the ball. I know I can play both spots very well.”

What’s your relationship like with Manny Diaz since he took over the staff at Miami?

“I haven’t had direct contact with him yet, but I look forward to that when I go up there within the next couple months.”

Caziah said he doesn't necessarily have a set of top schools at the moment and wants to just keep his recruitment open right now. Besides Miami, Holmes garners interest from FSU, Ohio State, Auburn and more. He not only competes for state titles on the field, but he will also compete for a state title in the 100-meter dash. Some guys have track speed, but it doesn’t always translate to the football field. Holmes is not one of those guys. He is fast on the track, the football field, running barefoot on the beach, it doesn’t matter. The guy can run. On top of that, Holmes knows how to control his speed and make guys miss in tight spaces. He can stop on a dime and get back to full speed in a hurry. I have heard some suggest Holmes could be a DB, which I don’t doubt. However, I think Holmes is too special with the ball in his hands to ignore. He is a threat to score from anywhere on the field. Offense is his money spot. While his future may be unclear to some as far as what particular position he will play, he is the type of athlete you get on your roster and figure it out later. He can get done in a variety of ways and is the type of player that strikes fear in an opposing defense. Holmes finished 2018 with 1196 rushing yards 15 TDs and an additional 3 TDs receiving. I expect an even bigger showing in his senior campaign.


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If he wants to come here as a slot wr ok. On his film I don’t see Jeff Thomas type speed. Am I the only one not seeing it?
Don't like that we haven't been in touch.

But that may mean we are focusing on Knighton first and then Parrish as 2nd RB...Obv that's fine too.
Don't think he's a take at RB as of right now honestly. DB? Maybe, idk. Definitely not a take at WR though imo.
So imo its either DB or if we miss out on like 3-4 higher Rbs on our board. jmo
Unless you're considering the state of Florida "home", Cocoa isn't really UM territory.

Correct. Since my buddy Johnny Wilkinson left for New Smyrna who was a Gaytor, we stand a better chance.
He’s long speed looks legit. Jeff has that elite wiggle/acceleration/foot quickness. But this kid looks just as fast Turning the corner and straight line on film. JMT
You are spot on my friend. His stride is long and deceptive. He has real speed. Like him in the slot.