Carson Beck Talks Miami And Relationship With Enos

Carson Beck Talks Miami And Relationship With Enos

2020 4-star Mandarin (FL) QB Carson Beck is the top quarterback on Miami’s board right now and arguably the top overall prospect the Canes are chasing. He visited Coral Gables last Sunday and gave us an in-depth recap of that visit.

“I got there Saturday night. I headed to campus at 9 A.M. I was with coach Enos and we just went around the campus. I briefly saw it when I was down there last summer, so this time I got a more in-depth tour of the campus. Then I got to meet with the athletic director and I talked to him. Then we went to the indoor; I hadn’t seen the indoor yet. We went into the indoor and had a meeting with coach (Manny) Diaz and coach (Dan) Enos and they just talked to my dad saying the same stuff that they had been saying to me when they would come to my school."

“Then me and coach Enos just sat in the room and he showed me film from the past of him as an offensive coordinator and showed what his scheme looked like, which is awesome. It’s a pro-style scheme with spread. It’s multiple. It’s definitely multiple. I feel like it definitely fits how I play, my play style at quarterback. After that, I went and got dressed in all the Miami stuff and we headed out at about 1:30.”

Ever since Manny Diaz became the head coach at Miami, the overall energy around the program has skyrocketed and it feels as if the culture is changing. This has not gone unnoticed in Beck’s eyes.

“Whenever coach Diaz has talked to me, he’s stressed that they are changing the culture there at Miami. He speaks super highly about coach Richt and what he did. Besides last year, which wasn’t the best year, the year before that they were ACC contenders. But he just said that they are changing the culture and that they are focused and ready to go win this year. It’s not, ‘Lets see if we can win in the next three years’ - he wants to win this year.”

Current Miami Hurricanes Will Mallory and Jeremiah Payton both played with Beck in the past and they are already recruiting him to come play with them once again.

“I played with both of them. I played with Will at Providence when I was a freshman and sophomore. Then I played with Jeremiah on our 7-on-7 team last year over the summer. They’re just sharing their experience at Miami. I ask them questions, obviously Jeremiah has only been there for about a month, but mostly Will. I ask him how do you like it? How do you feel the team is going? They answer everything. They have some playmakers, but they just need a quarterback. That’s definitely something to look into.”

Earlier this week, Beck announced that he was going to decommit from Alabama and officially reopen his recruitment. He gave us some insight on why he committed there in the first place, as well as why he decided to open things up again.

“I went to camp, I performed, and I got the offer. Obviously, coach (Nick) Saban, he’s one of the greatest coaches of all time. That attracted me there. Their campus is beautiful, top of the line facilities, I loved it whenever I visited there. At the end of the day, I wanted to make sure that I was making the right decision. I wanted to make sure I had full integrity with them and not go looking at other offers and visiting these other schools without saying I’m going to go look around.”

Although recommits are very rare, Beck insists that Alabama is still high on his list.

“Alabama is still in it. I’m actually going to go visit up there and meet the whole new staff and make sure that I try to build relationships with them. At the end of the day, I could still end up going there. There is still a whole year before signing day.”

Coach Enos played a huge role in getting Beck to commit to Alabama in the first place and that relationship is really helping Miami’s chances here.

“He was the guy that recruited me. He was the guy that I spent the most of my time with whenever I visited up there. Now with him at Miami recruiting me as hard as he did at Alabama, that relationship definitely goes a long way.”

Right now, there is a pretty clear three-team race for Beck with Miami, Bama, and Florida, and it appears that it’s anyone’s game.

“I definitely feel like they are all even right now. Like I said, I just want to keep building relationships. Especially with Florida and Miami because I just took one visit and that was my first visit to both those schools without going to camps. So just getting to know the coaches and all that stuff.”

There are a lot of things that will factor into Beck’s final decision, but the depth chart will not be one of them.

“Honestly, I feel like anywhere I go I can compete for a starting role. Obviously, that’s a really bold statement, but anywhere you go there is going to be competition and you just have to be confident in yourself and work hard. There are always going to be other quarterbacks and the next year they are going to be looking for guys to replace you.”

As for what will play into his decision, the list is long and complex.

“Definitely relationships like I said earlier. Also development. How do they develop a quarterback? Then obviously the playmakers that you are going to have around you. All that stuff. I feel like every different part, some bigger and some smaller, they come together for you to make a decision.”

Beck plans on visiting Miami, Alabama, and Florida again before making a decision at the end of spring.

“Probably late spring, before summer. That’s what I’m trying for but if it goes past that, it goes past that.”

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Man we need this kid bad....whoever out of the big 3 lands that stud QB first will be the alpha dog on’s looking like us or Florida seeing as FSU ain’t signed a QB two cycles in a row LMAO ******* peasants
Interesting he talked about relationships and QB development and not early playing time. I don't discount any of the SEC schools in this but Enos has helped develop Tua (Heisman runner-up) and from all reports made Jalen a much better passer over the course of the year at Bama. I don't really see Mullen as a QB developer for the long term betterment of a player.
Man we need this kid bad....whoever out of the big 3 lands that stud QB first will be the alpha dog on’s looking like us or Florida seeing as FSU ain’t signed a QB two cycles in a row LMAO ******* peasants

They should just hire Jon Richt if that's going to be their plan.
The Enos relationship is clearly the biggest factor here. He saw how Enos developed both his QBs last year at Bama. He respects the **** out of Enos as an offensive coach.

He has to appreciate the ability of Will Mallory and Jeremiah Payton having played with them.

I have to imagine that this is the kind of QB that is drawn to a modern pro style system. We need to press on that in contrast to what Mullen runs.
He wants the guy that'll help him long term which most qbs need to view. Beck knows he's a great talent but also knows if you develop his talent even with 1 year as a starter you can show you're NFL worthy so somebody like Enos who shows he can make a qb look great is really impressive