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CanesInSight Big Board (11/20)

CanesInSight Big Board (11/20)

Peter Ariz
Things have started to pick up on the recruiting trail, as signing day is less than three months away. Here is a breakdown of the prospects who are on Miami's board right now and where the 'Canes stand with them.

Changes from 10/10 update
**RB Alex Collins no longer committed to Miami
**RB AJ Turman removed (Committed to UGA)
**DT Deadrin Senat removed (Miami not showing interest)
**LB Skai Moore removed (Miami not showing interest)
**OL Roderick Johnson removed (Miami not showing interest)
**LB Quinten James removed
**CB Mackensie Alexander removed (not a realistic option)
**RB Derrick Green added
**TE Beau Sandland added
**DL Lavon Hooks added
**DL Dee Liner added
**LB Devante Bond added

Percentage Key
0-10 Extremely Low Chance
15-25 Low Chance
30-40 Decent Chance
45-60 Good Chance
65-75 Great Chance
80-95 Virtual Lock
100 Lock

In parentheses is the expected number that Miami will take at that position.

QB (1)

Kevin Olsen (commit): Has been back from injury for a couple weeks.
7/25: 100%
8/13: 100%
10/10: 100%
11/20: 100%

RB (1)

Alex Collins: Collins had been wavering on his commitment for some time before he ultimately de-committed a few weeks ago. The tipping point was his best friend, John Franklin, receiving an FSU offer. At this point, I’d be very surprised to see him choose Miami, but Golden won’t give up without a fight.
7/25: 65%
8/13: 75%
10/10: 80%
11/20: 20%

Derrick Green: My update on him from two days ago:
RB Derrick Green’s interest in Miami is legitimate and if he gets on campus for a visit, I would feel confident about the 'Canes chances. Green's top 5 currently consists of Oregon, Michigan, Miami, Auburn, and Tennessee. With coaching turmoil at Auburn and Tennessee, it's tough to see him choosing one of those. That would leave Oregon, Michigan, and the newly-added Miami. There is talk that he likes Oregon, but it may be too far from home. Michigan is the favorite right now, but he also likes the idea of playing down South. Miami RB coach Terry Richardson has been on him really hard for about a month now, ever since Alex Collins really starting wavering. The interesting thing about the whole scenario is that other than Green, no other names have really emerged as far as heavy interest from the Miami side. The staff is inquiring about a few kids, but nothing concrete like Green, which could mean they feel confident about their chances.
11/20: 35%

WR (1)
The closer it gets to NSD, the more it looks like AJL will be the only receiver in this class.

Angelo Jean-Louis (commit): AJL is all set to be enrolled in January.
7/25: 100%
8/13: 100%
10/10: 100%
11/20: 100%

Stacy Coley: Still no offer for Coley and I would be surprised if he got it at this point. Over the summer and into September, we got confirmation that there was serious staff concern about attitude/character with Coley so this isn’t a surprise that he still has no offer.
7/25: 15%
8/13: 35%
10/10: 5%
11/20: 5%

Jordan Cunningham: Another case of a small class. Good player, but with Miami taking 5 WRs last class and have another coming in this year, there wasn’t room for Cunningham. Stanford seems to be the favorite here.
7/25: 60%
8/13: 65%
10/10: 15%
11/20: 10%

TE (3)
JuCo tight end Beau Sandland has popped up on the radar and he will be taking a visit.

Travis Johnson (commit): (100%)

Standish Dobard (commit): (100%)

Jeremy Kerr (commit): FSU is starting to show interest in him as an offensive lineman. Their staff has gone to see him play a couple times this year. I still look at him as a tight end because I don't think he has the frame to become a lineman down the line. (100%)

Beau Sandland: While Miami has 3 commits at the position, Sandland is a talent that you cannot pass up and make space for. He will be visiting on November 30th and we will have a better idea of the legitimacy of his interest after that. Right now, I am being conservative with the percentage.
11/20: 20%

OL (2-3)
It’s looking more and more like there will be 2 in the class.

Alex Gall (commit): (100%)

Denver Kirkland: There have been some interesting developments regarding Denver Kirkland as of late. I spoke to a source recently who confirmed my fear of the talented offensive lineman having some grade concerns. I don’t know how serious these are, and if it would prevent him from coming to Miami, but it is something to keep an eye on. USF is a dark horse for him and Matthew Thomas (as crazy as it seems). I still see Miami as the team out in front, but just be aware that there may be some bumps along the way.
7/25: 55%
8/13: 60%
10/10: 70%
11/20: 60%

Hunter Knighton: Knighton will be visiting on December 7th. Kehoe likes him, but not sure his offer is committable yet.
7/25: NA
8/13: 40%
10/10: 30%
11/20: 25%

DT (2-3)

Keith Bryant (commit): Keith keeps saying things in interviews that have some Miami fans concerned, but I am very confident there is nothing to worry about. I’ve stated this for months, but Bryant’s plan since the day he committed was to enjoy the process. When I spoke to him recently, he reiterated those feelings to me. Has a great relationship with Jethro Franklin and speaks with him 2-3 times a week.
7/25: 100%
8/13: 100%
10/10: 100%
11/20: 100%

Jaynard Bostwick: Miami is the odds-on-favorite and that has been the case for months. I would be surprised to see him wind up anywhere other than Coral Gables
7/25: 60%
8/13: 65%
10/10: 70%
11/20: 75%

Maquedius Bain: Jethro Franklin loved him back in the spring, but there seem to be concerns about why he doesn’t play on defense in high school. Offensive line may be where his future is at, but he is still a project there. Marshall has recently jumped into the picture and looks like a real player for him.
7/25: 80%
8/13: 85%
10/10: 25%
11/20: 15%

Toby Johnson: Doesn’t look like Johnson will be visiting as was originally expected. Georgia is the frontrunner .
10/10: 15%
11/20: 10%

Lavon Hooks: The JuCo has two teams sticking out---Nebraska and Miami. He visited Nebraska last week and had a good trip. I consider them the favorites, but Hooks will be down in Miami on December 7th. The coaches have been selling him on the fact he could play early.
11/20: 35%

DE (1-2)
Williams or bust at the high school level is what it's looking like.

Tim Williams: Miami is out in front as has been the case for months. He has yet to set up the all-important visit, which I’ve been saying could be the key to closing the deal. He has been scheduled for multiple visits, but has not actually taken the trips. For the staff to seal the deal, they need him down here.
7/25: 45%
8/13: 55%
10/10: 45%
11/20: 60%

Al-Quadin Muhammad: Notre Dame is the heavy favorite here.
10/10: 10%
11/20: 10%

LB (2)
Grace seems all in, but Thomas is still up in the air.

Matthew Thomas: I had been feeling good on Thomas recently until I spoke to a source close to the situation over the weekend. According to this source, he says the “silent to FSU” rumors back over the summer were legit. Thomas all but gave the FSU staff an actual commitment, but the source tells me he believes Thomas has backed off of those claims and is back open with Miami and FSU. This will be a battle to the end and I foresee this being one of the craziest fights for a recruit we have ever seen. Like I mentioned with Kirkland, watch out for USF to make a serious run. Somebody very close to Thomas (not his mother) is wanting USF or FSU and “not feeling” Miami.
7/25: 45%
8/13: 40%
10/10: 60%
11/20: 50%

Jermaine Grace: Miramar guru Cameron Underwood posted this last week:
As far as Grace, if he's NOT a Cane, I'd be absolutely shocked. Flabbergasted. Aghast. Speechless. Dumbfounded.
Just don't see any way he's not wearing the Orange and Green next year.
7/25: 85%
8/13: 90%
10/10: 90%
11/20: 95%

Devante Bond: I’m interested to see what happens here. The JuCo pass-rusher Bond currently doesn’t hold a Miami offer, but will be visiting Miami on December 7th. He would greatly improve Miami’s pressure on the opposing QB next year, but we’ll see if the staff deems his skill set worthy of an offer. ‘Cane if offered.
11/20: 25%

Mike Parker: Another prospect who is still on the board without a committable offer. In a bigger class, would probably have a spot.
7/25: 35%
8/13: 45%
10/10: 30%
11/20: 15%

CB (0-1)
Burns and Ray Lewis III are options to play CB.

S (2)
Still unsure on what position Burns will play. He could play either spot.

Artie Burns (commit): Visited LSU over the weekend. I will try catching up with him on Friday after his playoff game against Central. I don’t think this a major concern at the moment, but I will lower the percentage to be conservative.
7/25: 100%
8/13: 100%
10/10: 100%
11/20: 90%

Jamal Carter (commit): Disappointing season for his Southridge team, but Carter is still solid to Miami. He should be visiting sometime soon.
7/25: 95%
8/13: 100%
10/10: 100%
11/20: 100%

Ray Lewis III (commit): I caught up with Lewis III last week and he told me everything is open for him as far as what position he could play here. If the staff cannot get another RB, he is an option to play there. He could also play defensive back.
7/25: 100%
8/13: 100%
10/10: 100%
11/20: 100%

Comments (31)

I just don't see how we take 15 with the JUCOS out there (if they want in)
Thanks Pete, but Golden has said on multiple occasions that 3-4 OL is the target for this class
Thanks Pete, but Golden has said on multiple occasions that 3-4 OL is the target for this class

Yes, ideally in a bigger class that would be great. With 5-6 spots left, I highly doubt they take 2-3 more OL
Why has Roderick Johnson fallen off the radar? He seemed pretty interested in us.
Good honest breakdown Pete.

Man its been a long time since we went toe-to-toe with FSU on signing day. I feel good about the guy leading us in to battle that day.
Can't believe Matt Thomas goes to USF. Also can't believe he wants to go to FSU. Al needs to lock down those two from Booker T
After the Duke game, Golden will be recruiting non-stop until signing day. I expect a few of those percentage to move up as we get closer to February.
I really didn't think John franklin's offer would've really affected Collins decision that much, I mean I'm suprised it isn't obvious that they juste ant Collins, but whatever, We have to get him back...we are the university of Miami and if we cant get at least one of the top 5 running backs in the state, there are problems
After the Duke game, Golden will be recruiting non-stop until signing day. I expect a few of those percentage to move up as we get closer to February.

Hopefully he either doesnt, or doesnt get caught. Because there's a dead period and that would be a violation.
Wats 6 deal, he is a big cane fan, mom loves miami, early playing time, what else could you ask for.
Peter, FYI, Canes Hoops signee Deandre Burnett is brothers with Central's Dalvin Cook who committed to Clemson in June, any chance Canes make a run for him?
Peter, FYI, Canes Hoops signee Deandre Burnett is brothers with Central's Dalvin Cook who committed to Clemson in June, any chance Canes make a run for him?

I've heard Burnett is actually his uncle.

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