Cam and Pete talkin' Canes Recrutiing

Cam and Pete talkin' Canes Recrutiing

Cameron Underwood
Hey guys,

I'm hosting a BlogTalkRadio show (which will be archived on podcast) for State Of The U talking Canes recruiting. It's my first episode hosting, so give it a listen.

Joining me is our (CaneInSight....I'm still a member, guys!!!!!!) own Peter Ariz. It'll be a good time.

Here's the link where you can listen live at 6:00pm. Call in and ask a question (if we have time to get to that), and just generally support the hustle!

Hope you guys like it.

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can we post some questions here by chance?

e.g. what was better, the original intro to Simon and Simon or the shot for shot remake of the intro to Simon and Simon?
Pete sounds like Coley's love child.
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Enjoyed listening. Thanks for the heads up and for the work you all put in to keep us up with our Canes.
It was actually a very good show. Both of you guys were very strange to listen to lol but as far as info both on point and I will listen whenever you guys are on
can we get a recap of what you guys said for anyone who couldnt tune in?