Buchanon done for the year...

Buchanon done for the year...

Will undergo surgery. Also, VT is gone for Bethune Cookman, not that that's a big deal. The defense is getting worse and thinner. This is the definition of a rebuilding process at this point.

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wow..... time to get healthy kirby and wonder if we have to play Blue now
Any chance Vaughn Telemaque can be convinced to undergo some type of surgery?
It's about scheme. Remember, if the scheme is cool, we can win with Pee Wee leaguers.
Sad to hear for a guy who missed all last season. But, I think Kirby gone hold it down from here on out if he's healthy
I feel for the young man and I wish him the best but

gaines(please no cornelius) perryman EJ

I think our linebacker crew just got better.
Cant wait till Kirby gets healthy so he can get some of these snaps
Jimmy Gaines? Every time I see him he is always a step slow. Seems to always be in the correct area and within arms reach but not quite there. Think he would be a stud at a mid-level place.