BTW's Jackson an emerging football prospect

BTW's Jackson an emerging football prospect

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz
Division-1 prospects emerge from South Florida each and every day. Booker T. Washington’s Demetrius Jackson is a classic example of that. The 6’5”, 220-lb converted basketball player with a 36-inch vertical just completed his first Spring as a high school football player.

“It’s my first time playing in high school. I was a basketball player. My sister has been pushing me towards it and my mom and uncles have been telling me to do it and not sell myself short. At first it was tough getting into the groove. It was challenging, but I love challenges so it’s been coming along good,” said Jackson.

Jackson is in the mold of the freakish pass-rushers the NFL covets.

“From what I know, I’ll be playing defensive end, but if I continue to progress then I can see myself moving to outside linebacker. I did good in the Spring game with three or four tackles, three batted balls, and a forced fumble. I could have done better, but it’s acceptable for now.”

The task for the 2014 prospect is simple this summer: get bigger.

“I’ll be in the weight room and getting my strength up. I need to learn some for technique and just a lot of things to work on. The weight room is the main issue though.”

Being new to the sport hasn’t stopped Jackson from receiving interest and offers from top programs.

“I have offers from Arkansas, FIU, and Kentucky. Auburn, Mississippi State, FAU, Miami, and Tennessee have all talked to me.”

Was he expecting all of this to happen so quickly?

“Honestly, I would say yes because I knew the spotlight the Booker T. program put on players. I had three cousins Joseph Jackson (USF), Jonathan Jackson (FIU), and Philip Jackson come out of the program.”

The hometown Miami Hurricanes are a program that Jackson hopes to receive an offer from.

“If they offered me, I would have interest for sure. It’s a tradition, culture, and way of life. I love Ray Lewis and his lifestyle. Jeremy Shockey is another one.”

Someone that Jackson looks to for help as he continues to progress is fellow teammate and Miami target Chad Thomas.”

“I work out with Chad to try to get better and I look up to him because he’s an All-American. I know there’s things I can learn from him because being able to play with an All-American doesn’t come around very often.”

**Jackson will camp at Miami, but the date is undetermined

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If he shows even a glimmer of the toughness necessary to play defense, do want.
6'5" 220, former basketball player? No plans of playing on the offensive side?!?!
He should camp at UM twice to get the additional coaching.

Here are highlights from BTW's spring game he is in a few clips on defense.

Go Canes

BTW spring game highlights
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I personally am REAL ok with the idea of a 6'5", 250 (projecting), super athletic linebacker...
If he shows any and I mean any potential then we got to offer him because he physically has great potential
i dont understand how a dude can be too tall for LB if he is athletic enough to play it why not?
I wanna see how much weight this kid can put on first before we even look in his direction. We don't need anymore Rico Williams. Lyndon trail was the same way. If he can get to 230-235 by football season that will at least prove he doesn't have problems putting on weight like the aforementioned.
We will be back to stay when the elite athletes show up on defense. Clearly this kid could go either way and at the moment chose defense. We don't have to turn everyone who is 6'5" and can run into a tight end.
We will be back to stay when the elite athletes show up on defense. Clearly this kid could go either way and at the moment chose defense. We don't have to turn everyone who is 6'5" and can run into a tight end.
True needs weight thoigh
The Stork played DE at The U; converted to OLB with the Colts -- great at both. If we are going to play a 3 -4 then we need bigger LBs than we are use to. Look at Bama's. If this kid can be nasty then put him on D. In our great days, the best athletes went to the D -- like Sapp(great TE in high school) and then sometime came back to the O -- like Eddie Brown. If you want great D, you have to give the D priority to great athletes. We have the O going and plenty of replacement talent in available local for that, lets start putting the best on D.