Bond Talks about Coaches Visit

Bond Talks about Coaches Visit

Tito Benach
2013 JUCO LB Devante Bond got a big visit from Miami Head Coach Al Golden and Defensive Line coach Jethro Franklin on Thursday night. Bond was honored that both coaches came all the way to California to speak with him.

“It definitely shows that they are interested, that they really want me because that is pretty far. So them doing that shows me a lot, as far as how interested they are with me.”

Bond spoke with both coaches and his mother met coach Golden for the very first time.

“It went well, he wanted to come down, talk to my mother in person, but besides that it was regular talk, how much they want me. Overall it was a pretty good visit.”

Bond seemed to enjoy himself on his visit to Miami the past weekend, and told us last time that the 'Canes were leading for his services. How did this in-home visit help Miami?

“I’m still the same right now, it didn’t really push them up.”

The aggressive linebacker wasn’t sure on when he will make his decision and still doesn’t seem to be sure when he will.

“I couldn’t tell you that right now. I don’t really have an idea when I will make my decision.”

Bond has met coach Golden twice now and seems to be building a great relationship with him.

“He’s a really great guy. He is like a players coach, an honest man and just a really good guy.”

Coach Franklin is one coach who seems to feel like a family member for Bond.

“With coach Franklin, we just laugh all the time. It’s really easy to talk to coach Franklin and we have a really good relationship.”

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Thanks TB!

Hopefully he decides to join the brotherhood and if not then wish him well.
Thanks for the update Tito.
I'd imagine distance is playing a factor. Thanks Tito
Please come to the U we need a pass rush specialist!!!!

Kid is a beast. Amazing energy and great killer instinct!
Can't lose a kid like this

/said the samething about Hooks dammit mane
This team can be special next year if it develops a pass rush. Bond can help put them over the top.
We can't go 0-fer on these jucos. Got to get at least one.
Really hoping he comes on board.... Not sure what's delaying his decision
Well he's used to playing in front of ****** crowds so that's a plus
Commit already, Devante. We know you read these boards. Stop ******* around.
Once we get some pass rush we can get these DB's picking balls off and housing them.
Not a doubt in my mind he's coming here.

/As long as his academics checks out.