Bethel Talks Miami Commitment

Bethel Talks Miami Commitment

Tito Benach
Prior to today, the Miami Hurricanes 2014 recruiting class consisted of multiple south Florida products. The class now added another big time local stud as Booker T Washington (Fla.) corner back Nigel Bethel committed to the Hurricanes.

“I committed because I felt like it was the right time. I chose Miami because they were recruiting me the hardest and showing me the most love. I feel like I can go home and play with guys like Artie Burns and Tracy Howard.”

Bethel called the ‘Canes head coach Al Golden to inform him on the decision and he said the coached was excited to say the least.

“I caught him off guard, he was real fired up and he told all the coaches.”

The 5’9 190 pound corner has high remarks for coach Golden and his persistence with recruiting him.

“He is a very straight up person, a cool guy. When he first offered me, he would call me up everyday and I would call him almost everyday and then even when I was leaning to go to another school he still kept recruiting me very hard.”

The Booker T product is also anxious to work with defensive backs coach Paul Williams when he arrives at Miami.

“He is a straight dude and I feel like he can coach me up and get me to the NFL.”

When asked how strong the commitment is, Bethel assured he is done.

“It’s a hundred percent commitment and I have shut it down.”

One person who was truly excited for this commitment was fellow teammate and Miami commit Demetrius Jackson.

“He told me it was good decision and now we are going to be able to play with each other at the next level.”

Now most Miami fans are wondering if the All-Dade corner can sway his other teammate Chad Thomas into joining him down in Coral Gables.

“He’s hopefully going to hop on board. Just be able to stay home, I know he doesn’t want to go far. I know he likes Louisville, but I know he doesn’t want to go far. I don’t think he will leave Miami.”

Now that Bethel is finished with the recruiting process he can now focus on his senior season coming up.
“My focus now is to stay in the weight room, get bigger, get to the next level.”

As far as goals for next season, Bethel isn’t looking to put up top numbers.

“I’m not really looking for stats. I’m just trying to put a blanket over every receiver, especially since I face a lot of top competition like (Myles) Autry from Norcross, Georgia. Then I play Da’Vante Phillips from Central (Fla.), Jojo Robinson and Kendrick Edwards.”

Bethel now has one message for the Hurricane fans:

“They will be getting a great, humble kid and a hardworking athlete. They’ll be seeing me at the next level putting Miami back on the map.”

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Awesome. Glad he took the extra time to make sure the U is where he wanted to be!
**** yeah!!! Kid is a baller and will show out at the U. Speed to burn, good hips and a bulldog attitude on the field. Great get by the Golden one and staff!!!
This feels good. real good. It feels even nicer that the kid took his time and made sure. I had a feeling he wanted to commit a couple weeks ago but pulled back for some reason. Good for us and him that he made sure.

Now sell your teammate Chad Thomas.
Really excited to see this kid on our side.
Glad he joined. Now we just have to get thomas.

Can you imagine thomas and AQM at DE. Damnit mane.
Welcome to the :neonu: fam Nigel!!!! We are all excited to have you!
Welcome to THE U Nigel. We need cbs that can cover and make picks. One extra moment of coverage will improve DL pressure on qb and make for more picks. With your speed, you can take any pick to the house. Glad to hear you are firm.
I'll be supporting Nigel and Demetrius when they play in Vegas this year.
Welcome to the U Family Nigel!
Proud to have this kid who is a baller now lets see him get better to the point where we nobody worries about his size because I think that's the only question mark about this kid
ANOTHER year of local kids wanting to "put miami back on the map"... until eventually, these MF'ers are going to really put Miami back on the map.

/gorden caint recroot souf fl
The cb recruiting with this regime is not in the same hemisphere as the last one.
The cb recruiting with this regime is not in the same hemisphere as the last one.

you mean keion payne and kacey rodgers and carlos armour and chavez grant arent any good?