Augustus Edwards Discusses Miami Commitment

Augustus Edwards Discusses Miami Commitment

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz
Miami got a big boost to their recruiting class this morning, as the coveted power back Augustus Edwards announced he had signed with the University of Miami via twitter.

Edwards was busy when I called a little while ago, but was able to answer a few questions through text message.

What was it about Miami that separated them from Florida State down the stretch?

"I felt a great bond with the Miami coaches and really believed they need me not want me."-Edwards

How does it feel to be a Cane and follow in the footsteps of so many greats?

"It's a honor to be apart of such a great legacy that guys before me have left at UM."-Edwards

What are your goals at Miami and how do the coaches plan to use you in the offense?

"Coaches think I can make a immediate impact at running back once learn the playbook"-Edwards

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Thanks Pete.

Definitely has a chance to play right away. Need a big back to compliment Duke.
Running back all the way

We can get one of the JAGS to pay fullback once big Mo leaves
That's great to hear. Clealy our staff believed he could contribute immeiately even if AC had committed. He is not a plan B. I'm excited we got him.
As soon as he can pick blocking assignments he will be in the fold
I can see FB and HB duties
What is his official weight
Looking forward to wearing down defenses in the power run game.
HOw big is Dillard now?
Bam a does awful well with big OL and big backs
I saw the " discusses commitment" in the title and it read for a millisecond in my mind, decommits. Whew!

Nice job Peter!
I think the hidden talent with him is cutting ability and speed for a back his size.... he was timed at a Nike camp at 4.5 that is **** impressive for a supposed big back

tape doesn't lie the kid can move and those legs are huge for a kid out of high school

/edit what is up with not being able to post youtube links ?
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Was impressed by his highlight tape and was surprised by his speed for a power back. I think he can really help us out this year and wear defenses down.
Im def intrigued by this kid and cant wait to see what he can do.
Most underrated guy in this class. Dude is a straight animal.
He'll definitely be a RB, not a FB, in 2013. Al specifically said one of our biggest needs was to bring in a thumper at RB, and he thinks this is the dude.