Article: Bimini native Saunders emerging as TE target

Article: Bimini native Saunders emerging as TE target

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz
The trend of basketball players transitioning over to the football field has become a normal sight nowadays, especially at the tight end position. This is the case with 2014 Mavin Saunders from the Kinkaid School in Houston, Texas. Saunders is a native of Bimini, a district of the Bahamas.

“I just moved three or four years ago from Bimini, which is really close to Miami so that’s why they interest me a lot. I came over for basketball, but I tried out for football last year and things went pretty good,” said Saunders.

Saunders discussed his move to the United States.

“I had the size and coming here just gives the people in my country a better opportunity to excel so they brought me in to get a better education and have better experiences over here.”

The switch to the football field was something that came naturally to Saunders.

“I said to myself that I should just go out there and try and if it doesn’t work then just stop, and stick with basketball. A few practices went well, things started to click, and the rest is history.”

Saunders holds football offers from the likes of Florida State and Mississippi State, while Illinois and Mizzou amongst others have offered in basketball. Saunders is still contemplating on which sport to play at the next level.

“I’m probably just gonna play football. I mean it’s still up in the air. It changes everyday.”

A school that particularly interests Saunders is Miami, who reached out to the budding star two days ago.

“I know they contacted one of my cousins that lives in the area so that’s how they found me. They didn’t offer, but they said they were interested. I understand the situation they’re in and the thing about them is that they are so close to home and my family could watch me play. They want me to come for the camp, but I’m not sure if I will have the time for that. All my trips will be to schools outside of Texas because I’ve seen all of the schools here.”

**When asked his strength on the football field, Saunders said, “My ability to go up and get the ball with my jumping ability.”

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He's pretty **** quick out of his breaks for a basketball player.
BEAST MODE at the TE glad its Brown recruiting him as he brought in the Derrick Griffin kid who is another TX bball/football beast.

a TE coupe of him and the flex guy Austin Roberts would be SICK.....
He's pretty **** quick out of his breaks for a basketball player.

and thats a kid that just picked up the sport....fluid as ****.

Redshirt/Weightroom....AND you have a 6'5 240 pd manchild on your hands as a rs freshman. He has natural hands, i think he would instantly compete for pt..but a rs would help development. Reel him in...he likely finishes as a 4 star prospect.
Hopefully we can close. Him, Standish and hopefully Griffin gets in would be a silly TE core. Just silly.
Really liked this kid. What happened? Did we cool on him? Other targets higher up on the board? Taking a TE not a priority this year?
man we need to offer this cat like YESTERDAY! straight up Beast!!
Is he planning on camping for an offer? I feel like he shouldn't need to but we have yet to extend one to him. Just wondering if there's any new rumblings about him
hopefully he'll camp if he heads this way on the way home for the summer.....dont worry we'll be in a good spot if offered
Disappointing. This kid will give us trouble. Still confused why we didn't offer. He clearly had legit interest in being closer to his native home