Ahmmon Richards | Litty | Freshman Highlights

Ahmmon Richards | Litty | Freshman Highlights

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Edit i put together for Ahmmon Richards Freshman Highlights WVU game included.

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He'll be bigger faster stronger next year. Could be one of the all-time greats to play at the U.
Can't wait to see this kid grow up under Richt. The future is bright for this program.
He'll be bigger faster stronger next year. Could be one of the all-time greats to play at the U.
You don't see many receivers effortlessly break tackles in the secondary, especially as a freshman. He's definitely bigger than the recruiting services made him out to be and he plays big on the field.
We need to use him like Antonio Brown next year. Give that man at least 15 targets a game. He can become a top ten talent.
I don't know how to describe this guy. I don't know if there is another player in the game that would have housed that catch last night. He just drifts away from tacklers, seemingly without effort. He hits top speed instantly.
great edit. Haven't seen a WR like that since Dre rolled through the U
I love how stacy drove that *** CB all the way back to the banners on 82 savage WVU TD
Just ridiculous how good this guy was as a true freshman. Can't wait to see what he does over the next 2 seasons before the NFL.
This kid is GREAT already....... bad news is without Coley and Njoku to take some pressure off him EVERY TEAM WE PLAY will double or triple cover him next year.

So I wouldn't be surprised if his production drops next year. He was an unknown this year also he had two ballers playing with him.......... next year he'll be all alone with a bunch of average guys. He better really bust his *** in the weight room during the off season.
We are so **** fortunate to have AR on this team. He played like a Senior this year. Going to be fun to watch. By far my favorite player to come through since Dre.
A definite difference maker this year.

I hope to see Mullins break out like that next year - we could use him....

He'll be bigger faster stronger next year. Could be one of the all-time greats to play at the U.
He is going to be a great one. We need another receiver or two that is a legit threat next year or he will be double covered all game. Come on Mullins, be that guy!
Dude is effortless. Comparing his season to Coley's breakout freshman season, there is no comparison. Granted, Coley did it on both special teams and in the receiving game, Richards just seems to be stronger and more graceful for what appears to be a slimmer build. This kid is a joy to watch play the game. Pimpdaddycane has it right, he just seems to drift away from would be tacklers.

You can say what you want about Dugans as a recruiter, but the physicality he has instilled in the WR core is awesome, and something we had been lacking for a long time.
This guy is amazing. Instant impact and just a beast. As we saw in those highlights he is very tough to defend. It you press he runs by you. If you play off you concede the hitch route which he can turn and take the house.
What a ******* stud. Love how he always makes the first man miss. His YAC must be off the charts.
AR15 is fire! If Kaaya comes back and becomes more consistent, look out.

I think Mullins shows up in a big way. Kid will get his chance to shine next season. If Cager comes back 100% healthy and we use Berries in the slot, we could have a dynamite offense.

I'm excited to see what Homer can do as a RB. Kid has future superstar written all over him and is a threat to take it to the house every time he touches the rock. He and McFadden, assuming that he signs with us, will give us a great, young speed duo at RB, and we all know the kind of value that Walton brings to the team.

Ahmmon is very gifted and an extremely hard worker. Has all of the traits that you look for in an elite receiver, minus the 4.3 40 time, which I think can be overrated at times. There is "40-yard dash" speed, and then there is "football in pads and with your adrenaline going" speed.

Jerry Rice reportedly wasn't fast and all he did was score TD's by the bucket load and dominate. Only time that I ever saw him get caught from behind was by the NFL's fastest man, Darrell Green.

We have a very special player in AR15. Hope he stays at least 3 years!