2020 ATH Colson locks in UM official, won't take other trips

Stefan Adams
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After the early signing period came to an end, 2020 Irwin County (GA) ATH Jamorri Colson landed an offer from the Miami Hurricanes and cornerbacks coach Mike Rumph late last month.

“Coach Rumph called me and was telling me how being a Hurricane will make you a better person and turn you into a man," Colson said. "He told me about the campus being upgraded and what new things they have now to help defensive backs. That’s when he told me I had an offer from the U. It felt real good.”

The relationship between the parties has already heated up to the point where Colson has locked in an official visit to see Coral Gables on January 24th weekend.

“It’s my first time in the Miami area. I’ll be paying attention to how they run things down there," Colson said. "I'm looking for a brotherhood, a family. A school that makes me feel like I'm at home."

Elsewhere in the process, Colson has landed offers from Power 5 programs such as Auburn, Tennessee, South Carolina, Mississippi State, and Nebraska among others. Players that don't sign early like Colson usually experience new interest from programs all over the country, but he says he is only focusing on one school at the moment.

“There’s many new schools coming after me, but I’m only interested in Miami,” Colson said.

As for other official visits? Colson interestingly said he's done on that front.

“I’m not taking anymore,” he said.

That certainly could change down the line, but it appears the Canes have positioned themselves well to ultimately land Colson's commitment. What attracts him to the Miami program?

“Everything to be honest. Mainly it’s just the love that they have there,” Colson said.

The 5-11 160 pound prospect watched a few of the Hurricanes' games this past season, and while the year didn't go quite as UM expected, Colson feels the stop-unit played well overall and has hope for the future of the program.

"I watched them a little bit. They were good on defense, it was just the offense," Colson said. "I think they should be better next year."

Although the Canes are recruiting him as cornerback, Colson played on both sides of the ball for an Indians' team that went all the way in 2019.

“I started on offense at halfback, but I’m a shutdown corner, a lockdown guy. I think (Miami) is going to use me on both to be honest," Colson said. "I averaged 10 yards per carry, had 63 carries for 650 yards and 14 TD's. Not too many people threw my way on defense. We won states, went undefeated too."


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I like this kid. Nice upside. Give him a year or 2 in the weight room and to work on his technique and we could have something here.

Not too many refined, top notch corners sitting out there after early signing day. Rumph shouldn’t have let it get to this point, but here we are. We really need Colson and Rakestraw to sign. Bringing in a starter quality CB from the portal would be nice too, if any exist.
Flim was too boring to watch. I gave up at the 3 min mark.
there are like 50 million Colson's in south florida...Yearly.

Most years I'd say yes...But I don't see any this year?

Who in Sofla this year can run like Colson?

I would have taken 1 of Delancey or Hodges for sure....And I'm not defending Rumph, it's a joke the way this guy can't land a Sofla corner to save his life. But I don't see any Sofla corners with this kid's skill set. Delancey can't run like him (I think Delancey is more polished)...But the kids that can run and are explosive like him are like 5'8 (Stanley, St.Louis)...I wouldn't mind if they pursued Pough, but does he have this kid's athleticism? I believe this kid's running 10something right? Maybe Thornton from BTW? He looks a tad stiff compared to Colson...JMO.

There were some big corners this year, and there was Francois who I think is a stud at possibly a couple positions...But as far as explosive athlete at the positon...You are talking 5'8 kids this year in Sofla.
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