2019 Norland LB Darius Williams talks Miami offer

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz
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Miami defensive coordinator Manny Diaz stopped by Norland High School today and offered 2019 linebacker Darius Williams. With two of his teammates Denzel Daxon and Samuel Anaele already committed, the Canes are making a push for a 3rd Norland defensive player.

“It was a dream come true to be offered by Miami — a school that I’ve watched since I was a child. I was in class when my coach called me down to the office and told me they watched my film and told him what they want wanted me to improve on,” Williams said. “They want me to come down there in the spring and check out the campus.”


“I love Pinckney (laughs). I love Pinckney. I like how physical Quarterman is, but Pinckney is like my favorite linebacker,” Williams said of Miami’s position group.

Miami is a program that Williams is very familiar with — he spoke about their success this season.

“I like the swagger they bring. Miami had their own swag that other teams don’t have,” he said. “I was actually very surprised with the season they had. It didn’t end how it started but it was a great year overall.”

Williams says he will be taking multiple trips to Coral Gables this spring.

“I have Syracuse, Georgia, and Arkansas offers, but now that Miami is in the picture (laughs), I don’t know,” he said. “I was thinking about committing, but I also want to be open so that I don’t rush it.”

Although there is a 4 year separation between them, Williams actually played optimist football football at the 135-pound level with Mark Walton. Williams says he is currently weighing 228 pounds.


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Pete is an internet tough guy now. Head getting too big bruh
Some cats complaining about FREE crooting info in here sucking off for more tidbits...
Great info 2019 starting to pop off the same way that Storm 18 did.
Pete is an internet tough guy now. Head getting too big bruh

You would be snapping too if you caught unnecessary bull **** on a daily basis from a bunch of dudes unwilling to put their actual name with the bull ****. Take a lap
Kids looks like he has potential, but saw him catching too many tackles on the back foot instead of leading violently. Maybe that is what the staff told him that he needed to improve on. You look at Pinckney's HS tape, and you see a beast that brings the pain and drops the hammer...Pinck just has great anticipation I guess, this kid needs more of the Pinck magic.
I hope Pink and Q stay their SR years. Would be grand.