2018 WR Watt wants to hear more from big three

2018 WR Watt wants to hear more from big three

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz
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It was a breakout junior season for 2018 McArthur wide receiver a Dominick Watt, who helped lead his team to a memorable 11-1 season and elevated his name in the process.


"My goal was to complete my task and bring out the beast in me. Next year, I'm trying to put a ring on my finger and win states. I had a great season -- came out to practice every day ready to work and win, but we came up short."

"I'm aggressive. When the ball is in the air, just know I'm coming down with it. I can block, too," he said. "In the spring, I'll be working on getting off the line and my footwork."

Watt plays safety as well as receiver at McArthur, but says he wants to play on the offensive side of the ball in college.

Of the 13 programs that have offered Watt, he said that West Virginia, USF, Wisconsin, and Iowa State are currently showing the most interest. He added that he wants to hear more from Miami, FSU, UF, and Alabama.

The 6-2, 195-pound Watt moved to south Florida from New York when he was six years old, but said that the Canes are a team he has watched since then. He attended three Miami games last season, including the Florida State matchup.

"That game was crazy," Watt said. "I was trying to go to the bowl game against West Virginia too, but I wasn't able to. I've been to campus for campus before too."

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Doesn't seem to have much burst. More of a glider. Good size though.
My favorite wr down here but I'm bias. Not a blazer speed wide..but enough. A bully when the ball is in the air similar to a dez bryant. Not new on the scene either he been making plays since a sophomore. To go with last class and maybe a Mark Pope would be a great start. I know imma sell the u hard every time I see him
**** he is slow. Staff is probably not going to take him because of that.
Reminds me of Dingle - physical guy with good hands but definitely not a blazer.

With the other guys out there, i'm not rushing to offer yet either.

He added that he wants to hear more from Miami, FSU, UF, and Alabama.

But i'm never a fan of guys who have to go public asking for "more love" from so many schools. They tend to need attention instead of letting their play and film speak for itself.....and definitely ones who can be trusted even after committing.
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I want 4 out of this group - Pope, Hightower, Wiggins, Austin, Moore and Thompson.
Like him as a FS...Don't mind him as a WR. Just think others a tad better. Right there with Russell after Hall/Frierson/Campbell (yes I know Campbell may be a corner) as a safety prospect.
I love his mentality and he seems to have dog in him but is he Dingle or is he Steve Ishmael? That's whatyou have to consider bbecause Dingle fell off but Ishmael has had a pretty nice career at Syracuse so this will get interesting