2014 Targets List

2014 Targets List

Tito Benach
Early 2014 Targets
*Be aware that a lot of these prospects are pending an offer from Miami

QB: 0 Commits

Chase Litton: - If Miami were to offer Litton they would be without a doubt in his top 3 schools right now. It’s no secret that Litton likes Miami and Miami does have some interest in him as well. In regards to his offer, it will come down to whether Miami really wants to have four Qb’s (Discounting David Thompson) in 2014.

RB: 0 Commits
Sony Michel:- While many feel that UM is in a tight battle with FSU for Sony Michel. I have heard that Miami has a significant lead on Michel at the moment. The safe bet right now is to say that Michel will most likely be a Hurricane, but don’t count FSU out completely; Michel does have a good relationship with their running backs coach, Eddie Gran

Dalvin Cooke:(Clemson Commit)-While many feel as if the process is over for Cook, that may not be the story. From what I hear, Cook will continue to speak with other schools and one most likely will be Miami. Although i don’t see him ending up in this class, his recruitment is far from over.

Joseph Yearby- (FSU Commit)- According to what I have heard previously about Yearby he will not back off his commitment and is sticking with FSU completely.

WR- 0 Commits

Ermon Lane:- The top 2014 WR is garnering interest from schools all over the nation including Alabama, but as of right now Miami is in the lead for the Homestead playmaker. Lane grew up a Hurricane fan and has favorites such as Michael Irvin, Devin Hester and Andre Johnson. He also happens to be related to Coach Barrow. If Miami continues to press hard for Lane there is a Solid chance he ends up in this class.

Tyre Brady:- Brady has serious interest in Miami and reports that he will get his offer once he shows the coaches his tape. He has a big interest in Miami and OSU.

Jacob McCrary:(FSU Commit) - While McCrary recently committed to FSU after getting his offer, he has stated that he will keep his options open and speak to other schools. He does have a large interest in Miami, although he does not have an offer. When McCrary does get that offer though, expect his recruitment to sky rocket. While I can see McCrary in this class it all depends on when he receives his offer.

Artavis Scott:- From what I have heard Scott doesn’t have much interest in Miami, although growing up a Cane Fan. From what it seems like right now, Ohio State and Florida are two schools he likes.

Corey Holmes: Holmes is garnering offers from all over the Nation including offers from Florida and Michigan. While Miami has not offered he does have legitamate interest in the canes, considering he liked them when he was younger.

TE: 0 Commits

Adly Enoicy: While Enoicy currently plays WR, most project him to play TE at the next level. Enoicy holds a Miami offer and has spoken to all the Miami coaches.

OL:1 Commit
Trevor Darling:- Darling looks to be solid in this class and i do expect him to wind up a Cane. The only reason concern is that FSU is still in contact.


Garrett Brumfield: is 2013 DE Tim Williams' teammate and both are very close. Holds a Miami offer and has a very good chance of being a Hurricane if Tim Williams comes.

KC McDermott:- McDermott recently named Miami his leader over Alabama and other schools. McDermott has a great relationship with all the coaches and seems to bond with every single one of them as well. Another key advantage is the fact that his brother goes here which helps significantly. At this point, he looks like a Cane as long as Miami continues to press for him.

DL: 0 Commits


Chad Thomas:- While Thomas claims that FSU does have a slight lead over Miami as of now, I still see Miami winning this battle because of the great relationship he has with coach Barrow. A big factor in his recruitment might be where Matthew Thomas and Denver Kirkland end up, Thomas is close to those two.

Khairi Clark:- Clark is a very big priority for the Hurricanes staff as he could be considered the best defensive tackle in the state. Clark has made it clear that Miami is leading and from what i have heard it is by a large margin. I can safely say unless something drastic were to happen that he will end up at Miami.

Anthony Moten:- the STA DLineman almost committed to Miami a couple of months ago. He has been offered and is close to Jelani Hamilton

LB-0 Commits

Vincent Jackson- The Tampa Jesuit LB has numerous offers from a lot of schools and names Miami as one of his favorites. What helps Miami in Jackson’s case is the fact that he is close friends with current Hurricane commit TE Travis Johnson. Jackson likes the Cane’s a lot, but don’t expect an easy battle considering he has some interest in Florida as well.

Frank Newman- The Powerful Southridge LB has a big interest for the canes, and I emphasize BIG. Newman has stated that he likes everything about Miami and likes coach Barrow. Although Newman doesn’t hold an offer, there is no doubt that if he were to get an offer he could commit on the spot. *There is a very large chance if offered he ends up a Cane.

Shaun Hamilton- one of the more sought after Linebackers. garnering interest nationally from big schools like Alabama,Auburn, FSU and Miami. He named Miami as his leader at one point but since then Auburn and FSU have taken control.

Other Names: Justin Todd, Jonathan Harris, Richard Yeargin III, Travis Hutchinson.

DB: 0 Commits

Nigel Patten-- Patten’s stock has risen over the summer and he has serious interest in Miami but is heavily considering *FSU since he has an offer from them.

Quincy Wilson- Grew up a Cane fan and actually attended Senior Day this past summer as a junior. It’s no secret he has serious interest in Miami and he has made his case. Wilson doesn’t hold an offer at the moment but could commit once he receives it.

Marques Dudley-Gordon-While the Cypress Bay product may not be the biggest name as far as DB’s. He is attracting serious interest from colleges like Alabama, FSU and Miami. Miami could be a player in this one if they offer.

Trumaine Washington- Killian Corner who won MVP at Al Golden football camp this summer. Has very large interest in Miami and said if offered he might commit on the spot.

ATH- 1 Commit

Travis Rudolph:- Committed to Miami, but the process is not over for him. Will most likely play corner at Miami.


JoJo Robinson(FSU Commit): Robinson could play three positions at the next level, RB, WR and DB. While his two main positions are RB and WR, he could see some time as a DB at the next level. While he is committed to FSU, he is very close to Artie Burns (Miami Commit). It would surprise me to see him stay committed throughout the entire process.

Treon Harris- while Harris does report that he has a Miami offer to play quarterback, many believe he will slot or corner at the next level. Has strong family ties to the University of Miami and they are in the lead.

Other Names: Kly Hester, Joe Williams & Brandon Powell

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Awesome awesome awesome.

I hate to sound like a broken record but ****, next year we are looking good again.
Nice write up, but you left off two important targets:

DE Keyon Brown and DT Demarcus Christmas.

These are the type of difference makers we need to sign on the dotted line if we are going to be 'Miami' again.
Nice write up, but you left off two important targets:

DE Keyon Brown and DT Demarcus Christmas.

These are the type of difference makers we need to sign on the dotted line if we are going to be 'Miami' again.
Will do thanks
You think you could be put in how many players we take per positions
Nice write up, but you left off two important targets:

DE Keyon Brown and DT Demarcus Christmas.

These are the type of difference makers we need to sign on the dotted line if we are going to be 'Miami' again.

I love Christmas for his name alone. That's like a create a player name I'd come up with in NCAA.
Just curious about Austin Roberts wr/te ? I thought he was offered and is being recruited.?
Guys like Ermon Lane shouldn't be getting out of Miami.

We can't get all the 5-star guys in our backyard, but we need to get 9 out of 10.
All this sounds great, and '14 indeed looks like its dripping with talent, but we REALLY need to get these freakin' sanctions out of the way so we can move FULL STEAM AHEAD........
Dudley-Gordon's mom is a Canes fan and his older brother plays LB at Pittsburgh.
Great ****. We gon kill it. If we improve on the field and skate...look out!
240318_4449309632633_1615653073_o.jpg291016_3760910654665_1050916434_o.jpgQuick note on LB Target Justin Todd- in Spring game he had 12 solos tackles and 16 assist and a fumble recovery, 1 game of the season he had 9 solo and 6 assist. Last season (Sophomore) he had a total of 105 tackles, 8 sacks, and 4 forced fumbles. I live in the area and this kid is the star on a team that struggles due to a coaching carousel. at 6'1" 210, I would love to see him as a Cane! He has offers from FAU, Arizona, and LSU and BAMA are in the picture too... He loves Coach Barrow and the Miami Swag, would hate to loose this hidden gem!
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