2014 DE Brown Visiting Miami Next Week

2014 DE Brown Visiting Miami Next Week

Tito Benach
2014 Hardee (Fla.) Defensive end Keyon Brown is regarded as one of the top defensive line prospects for his class. Brown got the chance to show why he is so highly ranked at the Under Armour All-American Combine earlier this week. He competed along with some of the top prospects in the state.

“It was pretty good, playing against all the top ranked people. Most combines don’t have that much competition, but this one, you had to do well.”

Brown showcased his tremendous skills, including his great speed which he claims is his best attribute.

“My best attribute is my quickness and my speed”

Brown will be entering his senior year and has been in contact with many schools including Florida, Florida State, South Carolina, LSU and Miami.

“The recruiting process is slowing down, it not as fast as it was when it first started.”

Brown has Miami as one of the main schools recruiting him and likes a lot of thing about the canes.

“I like the coaching, the location, and the schedule coach Franklin has laid out for me.”

The hard hitting Defensive end and Coach Franklin have built a great relationship over the past year.

“He is a great guy, he is a character and he fun to talk to and be around.”

When asked where Miami fits into his top list of schools Brown did admit Miami is in good shape.

“I would say they are sticking out right now.”

Brown is planning on visiting Miami on January 13th and is also looking to attend the Miami camp during the summer.

Brown plans on making his decision is senior year and is looking for certain features in a school when he makes his decision.

“The coaching staff, the major, I don’t know my major yet but when I do I want to make sure the school has it and the environment.

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Want badly. Can't say it enough how he's my favorite '14 recruit.
NEED. Hopefully he doesn't commit early lol
Although I think all the commits we got at the junior day last year decommited lmao
He is from my area. His comp in that vid is as bad as it gets.
Want badly. Can't say it enough how he's my favorite '14 recruit.

interdasting...haven't seen tape on him. Any reason why he's your fav.?

Imo he is one the most athletic DE in Florida next season. His burst and strength is unreal and just has a nasty streak to him.

just watched the video jerzey posted. Definitely athletic as ****. Plays FB and a lil RB. Looks to have good burst and overall speed. Pretty strong upperbody already too. Good looking prospect would be a great get.
What was the kid from bartow. Reminds me of him. Stephen Wesley ?
Hardee/desoto area has produced talent lately. It has actually always been there. Anyway Chris Clemons current safety dolphins. Mike Bellamy-Clemson. Marcus shaw-usf
What's his height/weight?

Vid is impressive. Looks like carnage in cleats.
Feel like this is the exact kind of freak on the DL we haven't had in forever, but are forced to watch at SEC schools and wonder when we will get ours.

Golden will handle this ****.