WTH happened to FSU in South Florida?


Redshirt Freshman
Jun 18, 2013
It seems like we have heard nothing about FSU recruiting in the Tri County area over the past 2 cycles.

A question for the South Florida recruiting gurus. Is there a concerted effort on their part to recruit North/Central Florida even more, Georgia? Is it their budget concerns? Haha.

It just feels weird to not hear of them on top guys, when in my lifetime we've battled them for every top prospect in South Florida. Even the guys they are getting don't seem to be guys we're going head to head on. It doesn't make sense as they do have a historical pull, offer two games in the Miami area during a kid's career etc. Florida has had more juice in South Florida than FSU which is not historically the case.

I, and all of the older fans, remember them getting some top 4-5 star guys over the years: Marvin Jones, Snoop Minnis, Samari Rolle, Rock Preston, Lamont Green, Derrick Gibson, Dalvin Cook, Kelvin Benjamin, Rashad Greene, Nick O'Leary, Devonte Freeman, the Crocketts, Brian Burns, Tarvarus McFadden, Lamarcus Joyner, Corey Simon, Devin Bush, Anquan Boldin, Xavier Rhodes etc.

This is what they've gotten over the last 5 cycles, spanning 3 different head coaches: How many of these guys did we really want? Not many in my estimation. Definitely a big step down from the quality they've pulled historically. I would argue of the whole list, Samuel is the only semi-impact guy. Definitely no super stars like the above list contains. Its great for us, just trying to figure out why they've been so invisible. Recruits don't seem to really mention them in interviews anymore.

Stanford Samuels- Legacy
James Blackman- Didn't recruit him hard

Asante Samuel- Ended being plan B kid for us apparently as we pushed real late

Jarvis Brownlee- Was likely a take for us
Malcolm Ray- Didn't recruit him at all to my memory
Maurice Smith- Ended being plan B/C kid for us apparently as we pushed a bit real late
Dontae Lucas- Recruited hard, Telly special. We would have taken.
Akeem Dent- Was a take for us

Kenton Poitier- Didn't recruit him at all to my memory
Lloyd Willis- Didn't recruit him at all to my memory
Bryan Robinson- Was committed here and then seemed like we didn't push hard later

Kevin Knowles-Appears to be a plan B kid for us


Jan 1, 2012
Norvell’s crew of junkies have zero SoFla ties. They are non-existent down here and I love it. It will continue to be that way too until they show something on the field. This is shaping up to be their lowest rated class in quite some time. They don’t have much momentum with any bigtime guys outside of the WR from LA who was set to commit to them months ago and the Shambre Jackson kid. Harvey is flirting bigtime with UF, AU, and TAMU and isnt the clear lay up he was once thought to be. Also, they still cant recruit any blue chip OL to save their lives. I really hope Bama turns up the heat on that QB cause that would absolutely break them.