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Why does Miami media suck so much?


PermaBand ☠☠☠
Aug 15, 2014
I think it's funny everyone is defending how shitty the media coverage is and acting like Miami is some podunk town where you can't find 2-3 non dipshits to talk about football coherently.

You guys are giving me BOT vibes (I'm kidding on this part, I'd never disrespect you all like that).


Jul 5, 2017
In the context of talking about things like local podcasts, and sites like ITU, and others, you’re right. Maybe I missed your point.

In that case, it’s only a very small percentage of fans, though, that are going to be sucking dry all the media outlets on a team, even if they are a rabid fan. There’s only so many hours in a day, and if you work for a living, you only have so much time.

As far as the Miami hurricanes, we just have fewer fans overall. So our rabid fan base is smaller, therefore when the base is small to begin with, like ours is, it’s hard for the numbers to support a lot of media.
Your last point was my main one. Which makes it worse for all canes fans. But gave this site a great opportunity and the info here is much better than anything you’d get from any big outlet anyway.


Redshirt Freshman
Nov 7, 2011
I think the Heat and the Dolphins both have tough, relatively knowledgeable reporters (sans Omar, who has some of the worst takes on the planet).

I want reporters that are gonna give coaches and players a hard time. I think both offer that.

The canes however... UM has always had yes-men and women, and 560 always throws softballs their way. There have been very few instances where a UM coach or player has sweat during a presser in the past 10 years. Just the truth. They ask the dumb fucking questions like 'how much weight did you gain? What is your bodyfat %" instead of tough questions like why is Pope and Wiggins still on the team, why cant a damn LB make a tackle? Where were your major recruiting misses the past few years?

South Florida (and I say this from experience since I moved back 6 months ago) is full of fucking self-preservationists who cant take heat. Everyone is just trying to keep their jobs, or their access. No one dares to become the "expert' or the hard hitter, bucking the trend. As much as we thought Sileo was redic on the board, he was probably the only talk show host worth hearing w/ regards to UM.


Feb 4, 2013
I'm less on hearing the X's and O's from media members...

But there is a dearth of human interest stories surrounding a single college football team at any level. They've literally made documentaries on junior college sports following just a small sample of human interest stories. There may be limited news and analysis...but there is a never ending list of human interest stories that a good journalist could produce.

It may not get the most hits, clicks, etc. But, I'd like to expect more from college sports journalists.
This is the best stuff Navarro does. Plenty of human interest stories on individual players and their backgrounds.


Oct 28, 2014
I'm convinced @RocketsandCanes is a 247 slurper. Slurp on bud.
If by "slurper" you mean I read ITU and CIS and enjoy both then sure. Never understood the hate on the ITU guys or the many people on here who read both sites. This isn't some competition. It's no different then someone reading two different newspapers every morning. It's just really weird to me that people talk so much sh*t about these guys. If you don't like them, don't listen to them. Simple.


Knoxville Baby Maker
Jan 27, 2012
Anybody good in the south Florida media scene is just looking to break into one of the major markets. Nobody stays here except mediocre talent.
This is it. Christy Chirinos was the best of the bunch and Miami hired her.