Who would Take Bronco over Manny...


Jan 17, 2014
I only made this thread to see how people felt about the guy as he is doing well right now.

However. I mentioned in another thread before, our fanbase BEGS for a good coach yet our definition of a good coach is someone who can get us back to the OLD MIAMI in literally ONE season, or some even want it before that.

Some of our fans are so unrealistic and so naive that, they think flying banners over the stadium gets us "what we want".

I do not disagree that we need some changes in the front office. When you look at NFL programs like Miami, Washington, and even the Browns (until last season), the problems begin in the front office. Miami is no different at this point.

The difference in Miami is that new HC Manny Diaz was actually a good hire, when you consider the culture of college football within the current landscape. The way Manny went about hiring his staff clearly looks to have been a 'knee-jerk' reaction so far.

Dan Enos bought into Manny's vision early on, as it was stated in several article across the NCAA world back in January, and he left a program that has been a title contender for a decade straight now. Many of you still think Enos can get it done....I DO NOT....and Ill leave it at that.

Blake Baker followed Manny, as his 'protoge', to Miami. I honestly think that Manny felt this guy would follow in his footsteps and keep the defense strong. This has been on of the biggest disappointment to the season so far is how far our defense has fallen. I am certainly interested in seeing how Manny handles this.

Anyway, before I continue to ramble on about our coaches and our front office.......
1. YES, we need changes in the front office, we need people that are not just business minds, but people that actually something about collegiate athletics, but we should all remember that our athletic department is not completely built around football, like an NFL office, and it never will be.
2. I am willing to wait this season out and even next to see where Manny takes this program. I cannot stand it, to see us continue to suck when everyone and their mother knows how much potential there is at, and around, UM.
2a. Manny will have to do something about his defensive coordinator at least if we continue to struggle defensively, becuase this is just unacceptable, as far as Enos....I just do not know about this one. I understand our OL is complete garbage right now, but I watched Perry rip apart the VaTech defense for ridiculous production with that same OL. So Enos has to do what is right and play the hot hand...and if he cant see thatm, than clearly coordinator is not the position for him.

Now, back to the point of the thread...even Bronco had to have time to find a way to have success. If we would have hired him before this season over Manny Diaz, I do not see him having any more success with this OL to this point in the season (UNLESS he kept Manny Diaz as our defensive coordinator).

Empirical Cane

We are what we repeatedly do.
Sep 3, 2018
I said Bronco was a lost opportunity when UVA hired him.

He does have fatal flaw however...his Mormon faith couldn't me more polar opposite culturally than all things associated with Miami, Miami athletes, and Miami's program history.

This isnt an attack on Mormons...wonderful people...but let me assure you the culture clash would have been dysfunctional and epic in very bad way.

in simpler terms...think 100% opposite in all ways from Luther Campbell


No More Excuses
Oct 11, 2017
Manny's out to prove that sizzle, bluster and gimmicks can actually feed and satisfy the masses come hell or high water....OR Die trying....so get used to it

You can only give what you have......and It's ALL he's got


Dec 19, 2013
Not answering g the question directly, but one thing that impressed me about Bronco was his willingness to adapt and change.

He never really recruited or played a Qb like Perkins before. It kinda came out of nowhere, sorta like Petrino with Lamar.
I’m taking Bronco b/c it would directly open the pipe line to the Polynesian recruiting circle.


Feb 6, 2014
Never forget Bronco mendenhall, with a poor passing qb, ran for over 500 yards against a Manny Diaz defense while he was at Texas.