While I am at it, why don't we...


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May 11, 2017
Manny should be on the phone with Solly and/or Pagano....and Richt should have as well...Both would be receptive...
agree 100% but we all know how this movie plays out. Just like richt and golden before him, to stubborn to change and would rather put his buddies before the program. He’ll be gone in 3 years and then Blake can make another unqualified hire. Smh **** I wish pagano was our coach right now. At least he we wouldn’t have been out coached the last two games.


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Jan 16, 2012
Eh, we a improved from ****, to okay. I’m not really a fan of the rugby style kicking. I want a guy who can flip the field. But if it works then whatever...I also think that improvement this year on punts shows that it’s more players execution, then coaches teaching wrong technique. Bubba missing kicks is on him. Bubbas low kicks is on him

The kicking game isnt good but the punting average is fine.

Bubba has talent. I dont know if its in his head at this point but we definitely should be recruiting a kicker.


Nov 6, 2011
Started a thread on his inexperience a few weeks before the season but every was in positivity or nothing at all mode. With what we just went through with Hartley is was a questionable move not getting a dedicated STC.


Dec 19, 2013
Read above @Rellyrell total slip on my part....Meant not coming back to UM (was offered HC job) just to call him for advice..
Oh fa sho; I don’t think Chuck will come back to the College Game; u should know that very well.

But speaking of Chuck; he’s been a god send for Chicago. Got those boys flying; too bad we got that punk......u know what, nvm.

Once upon a time, we fielded staffs that had NFL aspirations. Lately, we’ve been fielding staphs that can barely get another D-I job. That’s y we haven’t been back. None of our coaches have gotten a sniff from the NFL....except Golden, ironically. Golden actually could’ve been good here if he wasn’t so attached to his butt buddy.