What TEAM do you see drafting Kaaya?


May 6, 2013
Consensus is that he's a 3rd round pick(for the most part). I see these teams needing a QB(or solid backup): Browns, 49ers, Bears, Jets, Chargers, Bills, Saints, Cards, Vikings, Ravens, Washington, Lions, Giants, Texans, Chiefs, Steelers, and the Pats. I think the Bears will draft him, if they don't get one in the 1st rd.
I think Jacksonville will take him.
With upper brass not to sure on Bortles, I think they bring
someone in the compete with Bortles.
Pats would be great for him. Plenty of time to grow into it and ideal learning situation. I hate those smucks but any Cane would be lucky to get drafted by them. They are likely to trade the 2 QBs they have now --- it is there way --- and start grooming some more. Brady did not look like he is ready to be finished anytime soon. I doubt that anyone will successfully replace him so the Pats will not be obsessed with keeping anyone they can trade.
Dolphins should take a flyer on him if he drops to the 3rd. Stifler's knee seems like its held together by dental floss and chewing gum at this point.
Chargers or Saints

I don't think he has the arm strength or cold tolerance to be particularly effective in a place like Chicago or Pittsburgh. SD and NO would both give him the opportunity to learn behind a quality starter for a year or two, get stronger, and then take over in a place with warm weather and some decent offensive weapons. Best-case scenario, IMO.