We are Pitt


Nothing will change if there are no changes
Nov 12, 2015
Hugh Green was one of the greatest defensive players in the history of college football.

Came in 2nd in Heisman voting to RB George Rogers.


Dec 19, 2013
We don't resemble Pitt at all. BTW Wannstache is an f'n IDIOT! He had full personnel control and ran the Bears into the ground with his stupid trades and draft picks. Traded the #11 overall pick for Rick Mirer who was cut one season later. Drafted a PUNTER with a 2nd rounder! Signed Bryan "Unsportsmanlike Conduct" Cox to the biggest contract in Bears history. In 5 years I think he drafted ONE player, Olin Kreutz, who made more than one Pro Bowl. His 1st/2nd round busts include Curtis Conway, Carl Simpson, John Thierry, Marcus Spears, Rashaan Salaam, Pat Riley, Todd Sauerbrun (PUNTER), Walt Harris, Bobby Engram, John Allred, Curtis (P)Enis, Tony Parrish. I can't think of any GM who drafted more busts in a 5 year period. Wannstedt only had success when he was supervised by someone brilliant who kept his idiocy in check. Whenever Wannstache was the boss his teams failed miserably. Bears, Dolphins, Pitt. Anyone who thinks Wannstache is anything more than a bumbling idiot is completely clueless.
Thank u for making relive this chit show in the 90’s.