USC Trojans

It’s one of the “to watch” opening round games. It’s a contrast of styles and players, especially height wise. Great guard play gets you far in the Big Dance, I think we can frustrate their towers and make this a half court game. Down low Sam will have to hold his own and grab some rebounds. Our perimeter shooting should be the difference.
Their HC has a really hot wife and he used to coach FGCU dunk city. But I don’t know sh*t a out their team except Bilas said they’re tall but Miami can’t rebound anyway so business as usual
Isiah Mobley & Chevez Goodwin are gonna be a tough matchup for us to deal with in the paint.

Boogie Ellis is a really good guard too, he can create his own shot & shoots really well from the floor.

They’re beatable, but we’re gonna have to have McGusty, Moore & Miller win it from the perimeter.

We also have to find somebody that can rebound & we absolutely have to make some fckin Free Throws.
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Of our starting five, one guy per game is allowed to "disappear" or have an "off night." The other four have to be "on" to give us a legit shot.

I understand why they didn't get a chance at more playing time (all our games were key to making the NCAAT, and almost all were close) but wish now that somehow Joseph and Wooga woulda seen more action. Walker is really our only reserve you can play with any confidence. Puts so much pressure on our Iron Men to stay out of foul trouble, avoid injury, etc.
Been averaging from the high 50's to mid 70's in conf. play, don't blow anyone out. Some good but not great wins. They get very few steals, don't turn it over a ton. Lost 3 of their last 4 to Zona and UCLA twice. Boogie has been their main scorer lately, Mobley is going to be a challenge for Sam.
Keys to the game:

- Force 15+ turnovers
- Make at least 8 3's
- No hero ball. Wong needs to get his, but this team is at its best when we spread the floor and share the ball
- Get out in transition. USC plays a little slower than we do. Our offense has been at its best when we speed up the game
- Make your free throws. I still believe the Duke game was an aberration. We've been solid at the line all season.

Forgot one:
- Don't get completely crushed on the glass. Due to USC's length, it's highly unlikely we will outrebound them. But we can't go -10+ on the boards, either.
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*** a Dookie but Bilas has us beating them and then losing to Auburn.

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