Thad Franklin?

Jul 8, 2019
Ufag is not osu
I know OSU is big dawgs in recruiting game and UF got that SeC$$$!! Makes no sense why Thad would wanna leave SF for JVille. I cant blame Crawley that offence was terrible. We've made the changes on Offence I really hope this kid comes we would have a perfect Combo of power and speed at RB with Knoghton being the speed back, Chaney being kinda both power an speed and then A 230 pound back that's not slow an has Power that would be the best backfield we've had since early 2000's.i cant wait for this offence to show out were always gonna get good recruits being in SF but if we can produce a top 15 Offense I think we start getting the Elitekida again they just wanna make sure it's TRUE!! Sorry for the long post brotha I'm just excited Thad or no Thad if we dont get em I wouldn't mind just taking Breshard Smith And Yuk and callin it a day I'm not very high on Amari Daniel's would much rather have the combo I mentioned just cause were low on spots an have some needs..