Struck with this thought this morning... our OL will actually be...


Nov 29, 2015
Alabama is in a different world than we are recruiting-wise.

And ND is from a brand and academic and cultural perspective.

There isn't a reason we should be chasing Pacific Islanders until we figure out how to do a lot of other things better first. Put it on your list. Then draw a line above it on the list and don't worry about it until we make progress on more pressing and more valuable initiatives.

Yeah there is a big reason Miami should be chasing pacific islanders. One of the most recognizable people in the world is a UM grad of Polynesian descent. Pacific Islanders are extremely proud of the Rock and Miami is not some unheard of school without a national brand. It wouldn't take much to make Miami an attractive destination for Polynesian kids. Doesn't take much more than getting a well respected Polynesian coach on staff. If someone like Lupoi or Joe Salave'a was on staff (there are others as well), Miami would be landing top Polynesian kids left and right. Familiarity is a huge part of the culture. The problem is small minded thinking. The potential return on investment is massive but it is clear you have zero understanding of Polynesian culture and how that translates in recruiting.

For someone with "ethnic" in his username, you don't seem to know a lot about other ethnicities and cultures.

If Diaz dumped Patke, who brings nothing to the table, and hired someone with a reputation for recruiting Polynesian kids at put him at ST coach, Miami would at least be in the conversation as a potential destination. You think dumping Patke for a good Polynesian recruiter is just far too monumental a task?
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Jan 7, 2021
Our offensive line play will be excellent next year..wait wait hear me out..first we must have a complete offseason program starting with Strengthening and conditioning..second we must have a complete spring camp..third Donaldson is back and hopefully stays healthy he is engine that’s going to make this offensive line go and 4th Justice is legit he needs a complete spring and fall camp with these guys..Excellence is our goal..I seen improvement this season and it going to get’s all about the U baby.


Dec 31, 2012
Is gaynor our best option at center?... he did not play well this year... a Nick lindor esque type season from an upperclassman

Go Canes!!

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Feb 27, 2018
Not only Jakai. If Zion is now recognized (2 Star) as our best OLineman, then you know we have real problems. I'm excited for us getting new fire power in Rambo, etc. However, it all comes down to a substantive OLine. When my were Champions we had bonafide OLines.



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Feb 12, 2013
Man. It's official. Offseason has begun. This year will be different. See you Feb 2nd, gang. It's Groundhog's Day.