Starting defense moving forward


Dec 12, 2012
Our D wasnt as big of a problem as you may think....

Like last season our O turned it over on our side of the field leading to 10 Pitt pts .. take that away and its a 31-9 final and the optics look different

Liberty City El

May 14, 2016
I agree with this.

The overall Defensive rotation we have going is pretty good, the only thing I'd like to see Baker do is play McCloud less, that's when & where we struggle, is when McCloud & Jennings are on the field at the same time.

Jennings is a good run defender at the LOS, he just struggles in the open field to make tackles & isn't cut out for pass coverage. But McCloud can literally only do one thing, which is occasionally Blitz, he should only be allowed to play on certain Blitz packages, but otherwise he's absolutely terrible at everything else.

The bulk of the snaps at LB should be Brooks, Flagg, Jennings & start getting TAC & Huff more acclimated into the Defense. There's no reason to play McCloud & Ragone over guys like TAC & Huff, don't even say one word about experience or knowing the Defense because even with all that experience & knowing of the playbook neither one of them can consistently make plays.

Our 2 Best LB's are a Sophomore & TF, time to get TAC & Huff developed, they'll get better with the more reps they get, standing on the sideline does nothing to help their growth.