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Some good stuff from Barry Jackson today


Jul 20, 2019
On Stroud:
Todd Stroud has a message for anyone concerned about his health: Don’t be. He’s fine and has no issues after recovering from a rare blood disorder several years ago and a battle with COVID-19 in December.
UM last week announced that Stroud was shifting from defensive line coach after two seasons at UM to a role as Miami’s senior football advisor.

“It was a university decision,” Stroud said in a phone conversation. “With Manny getting more involved in the defense and making moves, it was a way for him to put me upstairs in an administrative role. With him being more involved in the defense, there were going to be some gaps and he needed help with the [issues related to] academics, compliance and football [matters]. Some of those responsibilities will fall on my lap. It will be fun. I will do day-to-day assistance with football.”

Stroud said he did not try to talk Diaz out of it.

“Manny is decisive guy; he really wanted to do this,” Stroud said. “I’m on board to help any way I can.”

Stroud thinks highly of Simpson, who ended up being both his predecessor and successor as UM’s defensive line coach. Simpson coached UM defensive linemen in 2018 before spending the past two years with the Atlanta Falcons.

“Manny hired a really good defensive line coach,” Stroud said. “He’s a great man.”

Player Notes:

▪ Four-star quarterback Jake Garcia is expected to be among the players who will enroll early at UM next week. Defensive tackle Leonard Taylor, the elite front seven commitment in this class, also is hopeful he will be able to enroll next week.

▪ We hear N’Kosi Perry was very emotional about transferring because he’s so close with many of the players. Ultimately, it was for the best because Perry is good enough to start at quarterback somewhere at the FBS level, and that wasn’t going to happen next season with D’Eriq King returning.

▪ We hear wide receiver Mike Harley Jr. made an impact with a couple of UM players who were on the fence about returning and ultimately did. Harley is highly respected among players.

▪ UM chief of staff Ed Reed also has offered counsel, and one player said his impact in recruiting has been enormous. .
Shout out to Mike Harley , he has been nothing but a leader since he came to Miami and seem like a Very hard worker , I was glad to see his production finally match his attitude this season hopefully he comes back this year and take another big step