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Scrimmage highlights


Aug 5, 2017
As crazy as this sounds.... I'm disappointed it was Carter who made that big hit. I know I know, I want to root for him but man, we know he can hit. I bet he's going to keep doing
Lol. I didn’t see it, but I’m looking at the video and I see 33, who’s chantz Williams, and think to myself... that can’t be our DE.
Lol funny thing is, Chantz not really a small dude but yeah, we are a very small team overall.


Jan 2, 2016
Pope held onto the ball. He's still cradling it as he bounces.

It's fun to crap all over our favorite whipping boys, but how many of the people on this board have the mental toughness to still be here after all that kid has gone through (some of it self-inflicted for sure)? Then, the kid makes a nice catch, takes a stick that would break many of the posters on here in half, and people still think it's fun to continue piling on the kid.

Everyone is free to post what they want within the rules, but sheesh, you'd think the kid would be getting applause for that one and not more sh*t.
Watch the clip isolated...he dropped it. And later in video it sure looked like he was returning a punt too. If Manny is actually allowing him him to get reps at punt returner, his off season stressing standards and competing at elite levels is all hot air. Because allowing him to field punts is a waste if everybody’s time.


Aug 1, 2018
I know Pope gets blasted on this site and will continue to, as deserved. He’s been dreadful. But idk, I think the staff is really gonna have a hard time quitting him because he HAS talent. He gets open. He runs good routes. He just can’t catch. And yeah, that’s the majority of the equation, of course. I don’t care how great you are at the other things, if you can’t catch, you can’t play. But it’s gotta be so frustrating for the staff because it’s so much easier to give up on a kid who doesn’t have the talent to make the plays. Who can’t run, who doesn’t have body control, who can’t get in and out of breaks. Pope has all that. I would bet my life that Likens and Lashlee sit in meetings and watch practice film and say things like, “Jesus Christ if we can just get this kid the confidence and ability to catch the football he can be a real weapon.”

I know he can. But doing it is a whole different story. Moral of all this is just to say, I think he’s absolutely gonna get another shot to prove he can or can’t get the job done. Don’t freak out when you see him probably starting against Bama. But you have to think the leash is extremely short now. We’ll see.
A RECEIVER that dot-dot-dot, can’t catch. Geez what to do, what-to do...


Jul 9, 2020
I think the problem with Pope is - he just isn’t a gamer. He can run, he can run good routes, he’s fast, he’s quick, he’s elusive, and he shows out on seven on seven ‘s, and practices, and even in scrimmages.

But when the lights come on and when he has to make a catch, we haven’t been able to count on him.

Maybe that all changes, but he’s got to do it when it counts. Unless he has a major mental makeover, I’m just seeing a lot of Harley, Rambo, and X, and Smith, and maybe someone others this year. I’m just not counting on Pope. Hate to give up on him, but you have to be able to do it during an actual game
Well its now or never got young guys pushing for his spot and needs a big turnaround to get any shot at being drafted.personally i want all these guys getting better can only help down the line with future recruits

Silver King

Pass Block
Oct 8, 2017
I see Donaldson and Rivers starting on the OL, which means our offensive line will be significantly more talented when they match up against Alabama and other major opponents. It appears that Chaney is getting some significant first team reps, and maybe splitting time with Cam. X appears to have gotten some burn. I was a little surprised to see Scaife getting first team reps over Williams, but I think Scaife graded higher at RT in 2019 than Williams did last season. I trust Justice to make the right decision on who to start at RT
Donaldson is a year late coming off an injury and Rivers may be a year early, coming from a below average group most of which have yet to earn and hold a specific position. Unsure Guard play hurts the run game, and struggles with blitzes. But I hope you're right - this line needs to have a breakout season or we're spinning the wheels.