S&C seems to be doing a fine job


Feb 4, 2013
I was thinking the same thing watching these spring videos.

Our team is on another level than where it was Shannon and golden

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gonna be a freaking monster next season he has gotten a better grasp of instinct's and where to be on every play once he has a beat on the play the guy come in like a missle IE the RAB last season he demolished a WVU RB.
I thought that said SEC and I can feel the blood rush back up from my ***** to my brain.
IKR. Bruh.. I was looking at the scrimmage highlight and the team looked ripped all over the field.. did you see Richards? that dude got a lot bigger... even that man Dayall Harris looks ripped.

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No because when Richt hired the strength and conditioning guy, he didn't hire the guy this board wanted. So this board told me they were scrubs. Same with Rumoh and the DC
Many considered him to be the most talented of the LB's that came in last year. From several reports/interviews, it seems like his work ethic is off the charts. He started hitting his stride during the latter part of the season last year in which he clearly carried that momentum throughtout the spring. That's a recipe for a breakout season.
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I remember the "its great to have S&C again, thanks Randy" back in the Golden Error. The areas it matters, you cant tell by that pic either
I remember the pile consistently being pushed and moved against us in the more recent past. I saw less of that last year, and maybe, in the near future, I'll see it getting pushed the other way. Gone are the days of Muscle Milk.
Remember when CMR asked where the big guys were at when he got here?
Is this what happens when you hire a S&C guy that is allowed to get within 50' of where the kids are doing the exercises?
Can't lie, we say this every single off-season

Idk who "we" is but I vividly recall everyone saying that the team looked slow and bloated as **** under Golden
Not in the spring. Same thing has been said for probably 10 years running until we hit the field against a different team. Then the criticisms come about.

Doesnt matter though, we are seeing a change and arguing over semantics is silly.