Rumor: Possible injury to UF starting OL


Aug 1, 2017

Jean Delance who is their starting RT. Appears that he is doubtful for the UM game.
Edit: Kyrie Campbell their starting DL is also dealing with a groin injury but it is rumored to be minor so we'll see what happens there.

Update from the 247 mod:
Blake and I have reached out to a couple sources and we still have a few more contacts out to try to get more information.

But what we can report right now is that Jean Delance is on crutches. No idea if that's a protective measure for a more minor injury or something serious, but we're continuing to look into it. We were also able to confirm that Kyree Campbell tweaked his groin and is day to day right now.

If we get more information to clear up the severity of the knocks, we'll update here.

Another Update:
Got a little more on Delance.

He went down in practice and it supposedly looked really scary at first, but it appeared to my source to be an ankle injury the way they maneuvered him afterwards. He was on crutches, but was smiling in the training room shortly after the incident.

Was also told that when Delance went down, that Storm Forsythe moved to right tackle and Richard Gouraige went to left tackle with the first group.
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