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Recruiting opinion.


7th Floor Crew
Sep 5, 2016
I creep the board constantly, Don't post often, and i have 0 inside info other than this board and twitter. But I do love my Canes. So I wanted to express how I'm feeling about the staffs recruiting efforts.

1. I love the way these coaches battled for in-state prospects. We may not be getting any help from handlers/coaches, but our coaches aren't willing to use it as an excuse. They could have thrown in the towel on guys like Edwards, Henderson, Harley, Hebert but they played the game and stand a very good chance to land them all. Huge step in the right direction when it comes to putting the fence around South Florida football prospects.

2. Not enough use of the Georgia recruiting ties. Richt, Harley, Brown should have had strong relationships already built from their time at Georgia. The only guys we pull from the entire state are Hill (who may decommit) and DJ? I know Holloman was a target we went hard after. But Georgia has no real in-state rival when it comes to recruiting (spare me with GT, no top prospects considering them). So i really thought/hoped we would try and use the relationships Richt has built to develop a much stronger pipeline in the state of Georgia.

3. FSU loss killed momentum. WVU win picked it back up. We need to beat FSU, the only way we are getting the big time prospects is by getting the big on-field wins. Yea we will beat them in a head-to-head battle here and there. But if we want to be more than an "at the table" program with the elite kids we need to win on the field.

I think we were very fortunate to play WVU in the bowl game, they had a good record and a high ranking but they don't compete/belong with the big boys. They hadn't beat anyone substantial. Thankfully, we showed in that game that we can bully a team like that around. We can't be struggling to beat teams like WVU if we plan on showing recruits we are headed back to the top. Good way to finish.

4. I love the direction of this program. I think the defensive staff is elite. Kool and Diaz gave the staff instant credibility, Banda and Rumph are hungry to prove their worth. Banda seems like an elite young recruiter, Rumph an elite coach. His db's played above and beyond.

I think the O matches them next year. Richt can now use his guy at QB, allowing him to run the system he wants. Best Oline recruits in years and I think the unit will be much improved with all the competition we are bringing in. Enough skilled guys to compete as long as we don't get killed by the injuries.

5. Pipe dream.. but can we go hard at Jalen Hurds! Would be huge for us, in case Walton leaves!

Go Canes!


Oct 13, 2011
Good post. I think #2 will improve as Miami wins more games. Richt is a known name in Georgia.