The Franchise

Sep 4, 2012
There seems to be an underlying mindset around here (probably even more strident among the recruiting "experts"/local high school kid slurpers) that pounding The Portal should be a one time deal just to "save" a class and that we're just going to revert back to relying on traditional recruiting methods once/if we get back to winning.

As the incoherent former Nole on eSECpn would say- not so fast my friends.

Manny somehow took the lead in CFB and absolutely destroyed The Portal while everyone else slept. It's proudly associated with us now. We're not going to stupidly stop embracing it- even if we start bringing in top 10 classes.

I personally want to bring in 3 classes each year. The early signees. The Portal kids. The NSD signees. You obviously raise your standards on the transfers (theoretically we'd be in a position where the UCLA DT wouldn't be needed, etc.) but you keep embracing the moniker Portal U or Transfer U too. You let every disgruntled star at other programs have Miami be the first place he thinks of when even remotely contemplating entering The Portal.
The only thing that should stop The Big Portal Pounder from savaging the portal every year is Sabag getting it shut down because it’s evening the field.
Feb 7, 2013
The only thing that should stop The Big Portal Pounder from savaging the portal every year is Sabag getting it shut down because it’s evening the field.
Yep.. and don’t think that’s totally out of the question either. If it starts to affect him negatively, or somehow even starts to diminish the huge advantage he now enjoys, he will lobby behind the scenes for it to be shut down


Dec 17, 2017
You are really jumping through hoops to justify a historically poor recruiting class (by initial ranking) for Miami.

It was bad.

Miami needed to go to the portal just to make up for two of the past four classes being as poor as they were. For comparison...Miami's recruiting ranking this year was as bad as that 2015 class that had Terrence Henley, James King, Evan Sherriffs, etc. Yeah, it had Jaquan Johnson, Sheldrick Redwine, RJ McIntosh, and Michael Jackson...2019 will have his fair share of those types, too...but its a terrible class by any metric. The fact Miami had to hit the portal as hard as they did shows what kind of poor recruiting it has had over YEARS, not just this one. 2015 was 27th, 2016 was 22nd...2017 and 2018 were good to very good classes...but here we are, 2019, back in the deep 20s. These portal gems don't augment THIS classes failures...they help augment previous ones. We'll be digging in the portal fixing this year's class in 2020, 2021, 2022.
Class rankings are first about quantity and secondarily quality.

Our average high school recruit was probably around #10 (I didn't actually look).

The question was, would you rather some reaches on high schoolers unlikely to help us in the next two years, or portal'ers that are very likely to help us in the next two years.

Since the 2020 class may be looking at our record in 2019, and opportunity to play right away...what Manny did is a brilliant strategy. Might not work, but I love the thought and approach for how this can help us in 2019 and 2020, and recruit the elites in 2020 and 2021.

Just think Tate vs Rosier.
Nov 2, 2018
You guys are reaching. don’t get me wrong manny saved us by bringing in some key transfers but transfers, particularly grand transfers with one year to play can’t be compared to guys that have 3-4 years to contribute. Not to mention we have guys in this class that would be considered plan b and c guys on the past. I wonder if some of them will ever be contributors here.
We got some grown men ready to play now and this means we aren't playing kids that aren't ready yet. Last years class was good and Manny will get back to that next year imho.