Rayshawn jenkins senior highlights


Dec 4, 2011
One of the most underrated hurricanes that we have had in the past 5 years. I know people love deon bush as a player, I do too but Jenkins was the best safety we have had in a minute. He definitely will be missed next year. I'm glad he was able to comeback from that injury when people said his career might have been over
He is definitely nothing short of a good football player. He will get paid in the league.

He aint no Deon, tho.
3 things:

1) I hate Drill Music and I'm originally from the Chi

2) Jenkins got exponentially better w this new coaching staff. Actually wasn't afraid to tackle or hit.

3) Even though I don't think he should've worn 26, I'm proud at what he was able to achieve after that back injury and he's an underrated soldier for this U.
Jenkins improved leaps and bounds at tackling under the new staff, but come on, it was like he thought he was playing tag prior to this year. It's pure nonsense for anyone to say he was better than Bush. That's crazy talk, pure crazy talk.

Go Canes!
His vacancy will create one of the bigger questions on next year's defense.

Whether Jaquan steps in nicely or it's a combination of things, we need a rangier Safety, too. Diaz's traditional or preferred coverages don't place as much of an onus on a single high Safety, but he shifts to it at times enough and I imagine he'd love the flexibility to drop a Safety down or use more of his blitz packages.

Probably one of 3 or 4 really interesting transitions next year to watch over Spring, summer workouts and then Fall practices. Obviously, we know the biggest: QB.
He had a really solid year for us. Didn't think he'd bounce back after that back injury. Glad he recovered and had his best season this year.

Gonna be rooting for him at the next level.
Deon was way better but I feel you ... Deon was a different breed .. Him with this kindve coaching would of been a lot of fun to watch
Bush made more plays.

Kid was so good at putting his helmet on the ball, and seemed to cause a fumble every other game.

Also, that INT on Rashard Greene vs FSU was a thing of beauty.
He's gonna be a beast in the league. Watch!

He can cover and he's **** good in run support he bangs and tackles. Great size, decent speed (has a longer stride). If he hadn't missed so much time due injuries it wouldn't be a debate who was better. He was on verge of never playing again. (Neck injury)

*ALL our players on the last coaching staff whiffed many tackles (burns & bush too) so miss me w that.
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Jenkins was undervalued by our fans.

Was a solid player just not great.

Who's going to replace him?? I like Amari Carter for that role
love jenkins contributions . . . hard to judge anybody based on the last staff . . . but jenkins had a tremendous year