Potential Two Deep lets discuss


Aug 26, 2014
Good start. No way Zion doesn’t start. Cb, DE and LB positions are going to be battles.
Yeah the only glaring thing about it was not having Zion starting . He might be the best we have next year as his growth from unranked prospect to starting OL to a starting OL who made a big difference was incredible and I think he just continues to get better. I think he and Scaife will be the best 2 OL we have .

Talent hasn't been an issue since Richt got here it has been everything else ( on offense ) I think we finally have a QB and OC to change that. No excuse for not winning the coastal next year.


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Jan 23, 2017
McCloud is going to be the MLB. We need Huff and Brooks on the outside due to speed...especially Brooks. I don't see Carter starting at Striker, dude is a serious hammer, but struggles in coverage. I can see Frierson or even Avantae W. taking that spot towards the second half of the season. Ivey is not guaranteed a starting spot at this point...can say the same thing about Blades. If those 2 don't drastically improve, I can see the staff giving Couch &/or Williams the nod over them.


Dec 28, 2012
Coaches tend to value experience over skill on the Offensive line.
what coaches. Donaldson can’t move. You think he can function in a high uptempo offense? I’m willing to bet he won’t start in the fall.

Also Campbell is going into his 3rd year and Clark his second.

D RevLee

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Jan 1, 2019
This kid is a freak of nature, WOW.... he looks so fast and powerful on the field and in rushing the passer. I said It before but it’s not a lock for me that Roche starts this year over Phillips especially when you consider the size difference too. I mean All of the top 3 will play a lot but we are dealing with a different breed of athlete we haven’t seen often on the dline in a long time. Phillips looks as gifted as any player I’ve seen honestly
And people really think Roche is starting over a healthy Phillips. Not happening.


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Nov 30, 2014
Zion in this new uptempo spread offense might take a huge leap forward on top of another year of S&C

And L-O-L and penciling In fat boy Donaldson as a starter... kid needs to take a shirt.. get on a diet and find some kind of chip to piss himself off.... kid is way to soft mentally and physically at the point of attack
Move sloppy 55 to NT


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Nov 30, 2014
I don’t think CB is as big an issue as y’all think.. as long as 4 of 4 can stay healthy of Blades, Ivey, Couch, Williams then we are good. Our 4th and 5th DB’s on the field last year were Safeties. Our Safeties will be even better this year and will help mask that CB depth..
Ivey is a JAG


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Nov 30, 2014
General comments on the list:
  • Good, overall list!
  • Miller will overtake Ford as a starter by season's end.
  • Jalen Rivers, if he's who the coaches think he is, will become a starter by the end of the season.
  • Our 1st team D is potentially, the best D in the country. Cue all the "realists" and haters. Obviously, they have to prove it on the field, but I don't see a single starter who isn't a potential pro.
  • Nesta will have this offseason to make his move. It's hard to believe that he'll have as good of a pass rush to distract from his interior activities, like he will this year. He needs to spend extra time training, and do whatever he can to get to that next level, that we all thought he would get to when he came to us as a top 10 DT in the country.
  • Similar to Nesta, despite all that's transpired, Donaldson could still have a season that propels him into the 1st 3-4 rounds of the draft, if he understands that as of today, the clock is ticking and if he wants to take care of his family financially, he will have to devote himself, heart, soul and body, to becoming the player we always hoped he would be.
  • This is the year we will see if Stroud's technique building, etc., is worthy of a team with this much talent. With these studs, it should be that hard to train straight killers on the DL.
  • This will be a year where a lot of crow is eaten and people are actually happy we kept Rumph around.
  • Bolden is ELITE! We just started seeing it when he got injured. If he can remain uninjured this season, I wouldn't be surprised at all if he played himself into AA status and 1st 2 rounds of the draft. With our pass rush, our secondary, should be taking the big fellas out for buffets every weekend as a thank you.
Miller is our best DT


Oct 2, 2017
I agree and I believe these WR’s will be excited to play in this system. The way Lashlee’s offense feeds WR’s, we should start see receivers going in the top 3 rounds on the regular again.
I think we may have the Combo Killers to make that happen.

Lashlee talks about heading into a season and not having productive WRs, QBs, and OL at Auburn. And then having them all crush the numbers that season. Did the same thing in his last stop after he got his QB transfer.

In 2018 - King took over at QB with Briles as his OC after playing WR the year before. He came into the 2018 season having more receiving yards than all of the other Houston WRs combined - but he was now playing QB. 50 total TDs later and it’s a different story. His WR played well. (2018 vs Arizona is a good watch).

I think we’re in for a treat. Finally.


May 8, 2018
We’ll see what the Seth charts look like post Spring ball. We’re missing a ton of players due to injury, especially at LB. but I think we will end up doing well at the positions. Defensive End has to be the deepest and most talented group on the team, in the ACC, shoot across the country. They’re going to terrorize opposing QB’s all season long. Don’t know what our sack record is but I’m pretty sure they’ll break it this year as well as TFL. As other have stated the CB spots have depth issues and overall talent isn’t as strong as other spots on defense. The hope is we send the DL full force at QB’s and not give them much time at all to find our weaknesses.
Offensively, I see Payton really turning it on this year along with Wiggins and Redding I believe. Jordan and Mallory are going to double up defenses and snag a bunch of TD’s this year as Lashlee will definitely utilize them in space and get them the ball to frighten opposing defenders. RB wise I like Knighton and Chaney to pull up on Harris and probably pull away from Cam’Ron - unless CH takes this challenge hardcore and get his game improved before the Fall. I’m not as knowledgeable as others here on the OL but I’ll pick Zion at LT, Campbell at RG, Gaynor at C, Clark at RG and Scaife at RT. With the ball exploding out from King’s hands the OL are statistically going to be much improved over last season’s debacle under Corch Barry.
All in all I think we do better than 2017 as far as dubs and in the post season, winning a NY6 bowl game finally in the last 15yrs. Which is going to land us a Top 10 class for 2021 and setting us up for consecutive big seasons for the first time since 2001/2002.


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Nov 30, 2016
And people really think Roche is starting over a healthy Phillips. Not happening.
Based on Phillips' HS tape from 4 years ago vs Roche's actual play in college football...

Think about that for a second. Based on that same logic alone, we should tate over king.

That being said, Roche should be the starter until Phillips proves it.


Mar 13, 2018
Wishful thinking that Zion doesn’t start at LT. I don't think Donaldson can lose the weight post injury quick enough to play in Lashlee system. Banda plays his favs at safety so Carter will likely start at SS with Hall. Bolden will see the field a lot regardless. Frierson will likely start at striker but I personally think Huff would be great at that spot. Corner depth is so scary thin everyone will play regardless of who starts. I'd seriously consider playing Harrell a bit at corner since we'll likely have 5 guys ahead of him at safety. I also have a feeling Jordan Miller will snag a starting DT spot.


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Feb 8, 2017
STR Amari Carter SR (Former 3 star with starting experience)
CB Al Blades JR (Former 4 star with starting experience)
CB DJ Ivey JR (Former 4 star, returning starter)
SS Gurvan Hall JR (Former 4 star, returning starter)
FS Bubba Bolden RJR (Former 4 star with starting experience)
Banda’s sorry a$$ will never allow this..never.


May 6, 2019
Offense 1st team/2nd team/Sometimes 3rd team

QB D'Eriq King/Nkosi Perry

HB Cam'Ron Harris JR/Knighton (Burns will get more short yardage situations)

WR Jeremiah Payton/Wiggins (I think he passes Wiggins. Redding as third string)

WR Mark Pope JR/Worsham/Few

SLOT K. Smith/Mike Harley/Restrepo (Harley is not very good. Makes a play every few games. Solid backup. I think a true FR takes it)

TE Brevin Jordan/Mallory

LT Zion/Herbert (Zion shows improvement)
LG Campbell/Donaldson (Campbell takes it from the whale)
C Corey Gaynor/Traore
RG Jakai Clark/Reed
RT DJ Scaife/Rivers (I could see Rivers sliding inside but we need tackle depth)

SDE Gregory Rousseau/Harvey

DT Miller/Ford (Miller takes it if the coaches are smart)

DT Nesta Silvera/Blissett

WDE Quincy Roche/Phillips (our defensive ends will be scary)

SLB Brooks/Steed

MLB McCloud/Jennings/Joyner

STR/Will Frierson or Huff/K. Washington (out of necessity as backup or technically third string)

CB Al Blades/Christian Williams

CB Tecory Couch/Ivey/Dunson (I think Couch or Dunson surprise. Ivey had moments but also was horrific part of the time)

SS Gurvan Hall/K Smith

FS Bubba Bolden/Carter

nickel guy from time to time: Avantae W.

K Jose Borregales RSR (Former 3 star)
P Louis Hedley RSR (Former 3 star, returning starter)

I think that is enough to go 10-2 with losses to UNC and VT. Maybe 11-2 (one of UNC/VT in ACC CG) with bowl game. King was a great get and Lashlee/Justice will be much better fits for personnel and philosophy. Special teams and kicking should be best overall in a long time. Schedule is awful, too.

True freshmen to play:

-K. Smith
-Worsham or Restrepo (one of them)
-Austin-Cave (maybe)
-Avantae W.
-Maybe Harrell

Also (to reiterate):
-I think Couch starts at one cb spot
-Campbell takes guard job
-Zion improves from worst tackle to middle of the tackle pack in D1 (yay)
-Jordan wins Mackey award in new offense
-Maybe a potentially 'weird' OL with: Zion, Campbell, Clark at Center, Rivers at guard, and Scaife.
-Our defensive ends break some kind of UM sack record this year
-King/Lashlee improve us a lot but King is third best ACC qb behind Lawrence and Howell.
I love this i do think the young bucks will pass Harley hopefully sooner than later but wouldn’t be mad if he finally puts together a decent senior szn. I wish Dunson and Avantae could be here now both of them dudes will be studs here. I think King can make a case for second best QB in the ACC. Nevertheless top 3 ACC Qb I’ll take it.


Dec 11, 2015
King and Lashlee’s system should make Zion look much better. Can’t say the same for Donaldson.


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Nov 4, 2011
We should not need to be overly reliant on first year players offensively:

QB King / Perry
RB Harris / Burns
FB Hodges / Parrott
WR Harley / Few
WR Pope / Payton
WR Wiggins / Mallory
TE Jordan / Irvin
LT Nelson / Herbert
LG Donaldson / Campbell
C Gaynor / Traore
RG Clark / Reed
RT Scaife / Hillery

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Jan 21, 2019
In reference to the defensive tackles guys are just putting people behind people based on I don’t know what but for instance if nesta is your starting guy then I think he’s considered an I2 or zero tech. Not athletic enough to play the 3tech. Where as Harrison hunte and Blissett have the ability to give you pass rush based on athleticism and a year under their belt of strength and conditioning which has made them more stout. ( see sparq score on the aforementioned two in regards shuttle and athleticism ) Ford based on size but to me doesn’t play up to his size should be an I2 as well. Miller can be a 3 tech because he appears to have a motor and gets after it meanwhile on several occasions I’ve seen him collapse the pocket better then any nose or I2 last year IMO. Holley is a zero shade or an I2. I guess the whole point of this post is to make sure we put guys where they belong with understanding of what a nose looks like as far as body composition and athleticism. Same goes for the 3 tech.