PODCAST: 2022 Spring Preview + NFL Combine Talk ft. D$

As always a good listen

d'eriq needs to just go straight to WR, doubt at his size he makes a roster as qb

Also agreed on jon ford, Dude has size that people want and isnt a out of shape guy, always been a hard worker.. just isnt gonna put up stats but some defenses dont need that from some positions..
Such a bummer Chase is out for the Spring. He was my breakaway player but that's going to set him back a lot. Hope he's ready day 1 of summer/fall camp.

We need to get to the point where we're beating multiple teams by 4 TDs early 3rd quarter so Garcia and Brown get their licks in. On the one hand, I try to be patient as I know it will take time for Mario to rebuild. But I also don't want to waste this QB room with rebuilding. I want to see them all on the field.

Rambo running a 4.5 in the Combine is good enough considering what a great route runner and ball hawk he is on the field. Whoever gets him in the 4th round will look like a genius a couple years down the road.