OT: Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield arrested with several charges

I'm a little surprised it took this long. He's been a hothead his entire career at OU and looks like a crazy SOB on the field.....you can only imagine how he must be with a little liquid courage and his seemingly lack of emotional control.

I'm not saying he's a bad guy and i do enjoy watching him play, but as a QB and leader, he needs to learn control.
Mayfield was tackled and handcuffed. When is Stoops offering the arresting officer a scholarship?
Good for Baker. Get it out of the system now before it starts to cost hard dollars. If I'm an OU fan I'd be more concerned with him getting run down and tackled by a cop. 20+ years ago a buddy of mine got run down and tackled by a chick cop, the look on his face is something I'll never forget. He was definitely not a D1 QB. I still bring it up every time I see him and boy does he get ****ed. College was great, everything after you're a pro regardless of what you choose to do and being dumb can get costly.

Go Canes!
Week 2 OU plays the Ohio State which makes for an interesting decision by Stoops.

osu will wreck them

oklahoma needs to trash bob stoops if they ever want to become relevant again

elite level defense and an fsu team hurting in all sorts of ways on offense gifted them their one national championship

usc roflstomped them, clemson got all in their faces.. ou isn't going anywhere anytime soon and the suckeyes are gonna win by 40+

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