On Judd Anderson

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Oct 13, 2011
Judd Anderson, a three-star QB out Jones County High in Gray (GA), has committed to Miami.

Miami also wanted to sign Air Noland, who is headed to Ohio State. But make no mistake- Miami's pursuit of Judd Anderson is independent of anything that happened with Noland. He is, and has been, a major priority for them.

They love his frame (6'6 in person), athleticism (19/14 in hoops as a sophomore) and arm strength. He's also a 4.0 student and a home run off the field. Shannon Dawson is a driving force in this recruitment and believes this kid could be a monster as he continues to develop as a dropback passer. Anderson previously played in a Wing T, and they believe the game film is more telling than the stats. Internally, his recruitment has been compared to Emory Williams- a guy who outperformed Jaden Rashada at the Elite 11 and has made an outstanding impression so far in spring.

For those who will say that Miami is just scrambling following the departure of Air Noland, here is a snippet from the March 3rd edition of the Bank:

- They are still evaluating hard at QB. They absolutely love recent offer Judd Anderson (Gray, GA). He is a legit 6’6 with a basketball background. Still developing as a passer, but if he takes a leap as a senior he will be flooded with offers.

They love his frame (6'6 in person), athleticism (19/14 in hoops as a sophomore) and arm strength.
@Ziggy , D$ just said it again, the staff loves his athleticism. Is your concern foot speed? If so, he's clearly no Michael Vick.

But pulling down 14 boards a night isn't something to sneeze at from an athletic standpoint
really wanted air Noland and it's going to suck watching him light it up so close by to me at Ohio State but I think honestly no matter who we get, with our revamped offense... it'll still feel night and day
I’ve never seen him play. All I’m doing is relaying Miami’s thoughts.

And I can personally vouch that they are being genuine, because they said the same things when Air was leaning our way.
If this the only qb we going after we down bad cause Judd is super trash like Arthur sitowski trash this is not good mario don’t know qb’s and you know it