NCAA Bids from the ACC


Nov 18, 2011
With 7-8 games left to be played, where teams stand is actually pretty clear. Here are my thoughts:

Clearly in (barring a Falcons-like collapse): (6) -- UNC, UL, FSU, UVa, Duke, and ND

Clearly out (barring an absolute miracle): (3) -- BC, Pitt, and NCSt

On the bubble: (6) -- Canes, VT, Wake, Clemson, GT, and Syracuse

Just a guess, but I suspect that 2-4 bubble teams are dancing in March. Here is where I would rank each team's likelihood of making the tourney (as of today, and excluding Syracuse -- see below):

VT -- .500 ACC record, decent RPI (40), worst loss @ #91 NCState

Miami -- .500 ACC record, RPI (53) but other ratings are better (29-45), signature win, worst loss @ #69 Syracuse

Wake -- 5-6 ACC record, pretty good RPI (28), no wins against top 50 RPI, worst loss @ #69 Syracuse, difficult to them to win 9 ACC games

Georgia Tech -- 5-6 ACC record, bad RPI (75), two signature wins (UNC and FSU), bad loss v. #118 Ohio

Clemson -- 3-7 ACC record, decent RPI (45), 4 wins against top 50 RPI (best @ #19 USC), bad loss to #144 Oklahoma, may not win 8 ACC

The one that I can't figure out is Syracuse. Here is their resume:

Syracuse -- 7-4 ACC record, but #69 RPI, 2 signature wins (FSU and UVa), three bad losses (#136 UConn and #119 SJU) and @ #180 BC, realistically could finish ACC play anywhere between 11-7 and 8-10
Syracuse is in. Most important factor by committee is teams conference record. Their recent record is superb.

I would agree, but apparently Lunardi doesn't.

Lunardi has these ACC bubble teams in: VT, Miami, Clemson, and Wake

Jerry Palm has these ACC bubble teams in: VT, Miami, Clemson, and Syracuse

Syracuse plays @ Clemson tomorrow, so that should help clear things up a little.
The ACC is getting 9 in unless we collapse. Top 9 in the standings are getting in b
If 9 or 10 ACC teams are getting in then I really don't think we need to go .500 in the ACC regular season to make the dance. IMHO 8 regular season wins get us in as long as we don't go one and done in the ACC tourney, and a .500 record will get us in no matter what we do in New York.